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monday 06/06/2011

No problem, its allways nice to help other people.

Always have Mawpin and Phyllis in deck, it's totally boss. Those two are some of the most efficient cards for Nightmare at the moment.

Effective, I always love having Mawpin and Phyllis in my half Nightmare decks, very efficient, and it opens up the door for, well the Dregn.

Some cheap, but very good cards you could include in your deck:

Radek 400 clintz
Edwin 500 clintz
Rodney 550 clintz
Pegh 1300 clintz
Askai 1800 clintz

sunday 05/06/2011

Its a good deck. The roots/GHEIST combo works well because the roots have good damage reducers which the GHESIT are missing at the moment (not counting brinstone).

I changed sunder to Deea, but I think Ahkab is better than selma... Usually to me everyone thinks I am just trying to get 3 pillz and I am not... that is what they I think of bonnie ld. Someone no pilled her while I furied gibson. I got an easy blow and only 5 pill difference. I later won the match.

Please rate this preset of mine for it to reach at least 700. thanks
Comments and Suggestions are very much appreciated. smiley

saturday 04/06/2011

If they work well for you then use them Wakai and Sargh were just my personall choices.

friday 03/06/2011

Low power damage reduces are okay in general, they're there simple for the DR

The thing about Uranus is...her DR is damn good, -5 min 1 is insane, and she's a 3 star - People splash Spiaghi, a -3 min 1 2 star card, Uranus is similar, although she has lower power, so she needs her bonus to be a threat, so you don't see her splashed that often.

But with her bonus, she goes from a damn good DR to a damn good bluff - she has 5 damage, no one wants that. Plus her bonus forces you to pill. So do you pill 2-3 pills just for 1 damage? What if they pill hard on Uranus, did you expect that 5 damage? You're screwed either way.

Granted, with the increasing number of -life abilities seen over the past half year (Ector, Berserk clan more recently), she isn't as dominant as she used to be, but she is still an excellent card. If Sakrohm wasn't as weak to SoA as it is, we'd probably see a lot more bans on her.

They are banned simply to stop people from relying too much on one clan and its great bonus.

Closing this. smiley

thursday 02/06/2011

Interesting deck could do well.

Nice deck.

Personally i would change Spycee for Hawkins or Bonnie Ld

Heh, it seems 4/5 of people are playing Sakrohm/Nightmare. Here's my variation: elo monsters from space smiley

I've met (and lost to) quite a few berzerks actually, their solid power are good against SOBs, and melanie destroys robb cr smiley

Any strategies and mind games for the bangers? Im used to bluffing with Junkz cards but with Bangers I can't bluff well

I'm going to try Cley first then I'll see hoe Zeke works out. I already have Ghumbo also.

wednesday 01/06/2011

Bonnie ld would always be nice (for hawkins or tula), raeth is more stable than scubb.

I dont think you understand. thats the deck im plating with i have many other cards

Shann is elo banned

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