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friday 10/06/2011


thursday 09/06/2011

Open Recruitment

You must be respectful of other players, We do not tolerate bullying, harassing, or vulgarity.
Our goal is to be a guild of friends and equals, offering advice to one another and to be available for your fellow guildsmen, to help them with advice, tips, deck critiques, etc. And most of all lets all have fun.

If interested, please apply.

wednesday 08/06/2011

Request sent! Looking for a casual guild. Usually play La Junta and Nightmare. Both decks need some work, but saving the Clintz to pump them up.

tuesday 07/06/2011

Join high definition
it rocks

and as long as your active no matter your level we WILL accept you :=)

Guild:1373278 looking for active members, level 20+
language- english.

Yepp needed a cool name and i thought of vampires. i dont like vampires so i named it vampire slayers


This guild is themed off of Invader Zim if you didn't realize I wanted to be called Irken Invaders but they wouldn't let me so I used Arc 1 because it sounds cool no other real purpose though

Lets face it, your guild sucks, or you dont have one. No one is on, even the founder.
Then check out guild:1371694

Level 15 plus will be accepted, higher will be very welcomed.

SO JOIN guild:1371694!

monday 06/06/2011

Blah blah still waiting for that challenge Hobbitzsmiley

Hello Urban Rivals community,

If there are any relatively new players that are level 10 and up, we would be glad to have you in our guild, Hell's Core. All we require is that you have a positive attitude and be ACTIVE in the daily tournaments and Elo. We look forward to having you along for the ride. Follow this link to join http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?idguild=0

Guild doesn't exist anymore.


sunday 05/06/2011

Please join guild:1369161 we're brand new an looking foe memers

Active players who speak english fluently needed.High leveled(50 +) with one area of expertise at least.Possible admin spots.

Im looking for a Guild that is active, friendly and its players actually spend money like myself to get cards that they need. Im willing to play, pay and help out.

Yeah as the title says. I like the Freaks and im looking for a guild interested in business; selling-buying, exchange, all those things. Ill be waiting.

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