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wednesday 01/06/2011

Problem is that Miss Twice relies more on her poison for damage, and with the min 2 on the extra damage (Berzerk bonus), Wardom would provide more 2HKOs with the Berzerk, which prefer to hit first than last (in half decks).
Problem is, revenge doesn't mingle with Backlash. However, since there are only 2 backlash cards, it should be easy enough to have one or more options for which to lose to spark revenge (if needed). Maybe I can drop down a star and run Methane or Toro?
I'm not a fan of Toro though...he is susceptible to attack manipulation clans. kk, drop Miss Twice Cr for Methane, and keep beef. 5* slot goes to the first (imo) good 5* for Berzerk. Maybe the leader of Berzerk?

tuesday 31/05/2011

Talking about 5* i always go for bloodh because of his solid 7 power and 9 life gap. Selma is my next choice followed closely bu Ahkab. Pesth is a bad 5* I think, so dont even go there. Sliman os good, but all the others do the same thing better.

I have personally come to despise Dahlia, the reason is that piranas lack damage and I like to use my 5* to fix that problem so with 5 damage she is not an option for me, also i feel she is kinda designed for losing, people are always going to overpill if u use her in the first round or the second, and in the third and fourth her ability is worthless. Is either that or people dont even pill against her, since her damage is so low. Everyone agrees that she is very good, so in the end i guess she doesnt fit my playstyle.

Also, tyd for halfdeck, taljion for mono.

Lol, of course they want her in DTs she is worthless there

monday 30/05/2011

Its not about the cost of the deck, and having the "Ultimate deck". Its about how you play your cards, and your decisions, on when to do what and play which cards. Even someone with a deck which cost 100 000 clintz, can be beaten by one that cost 10 000 clintz. I went up to 1250ish Elo, that was worth around 8000 clintz. The deck was something like: Muze Cherry Ivana Noemi Ella, Cnadice, veronica, and another card, which i cant remeber. I sold that deck now, seeing as my style of play is evolving, into a more offensive play. But ye mu point is the cost of the deck doesnt justify that you'll do good in Elo, Its how you play it.

Well when i play my rescue deck in t1 i dont have any problems easly finish in top 10 but in elo its like never eungh dmg. Mybe the "14" lifepoints made a difference or mybe my deck yust dont have good power/dmg ratio becous sometimes i end up short even if i win with 3/4 characters.

You will have to waite for her missions to become available again. When this happens (it will be announced on the home page) you can complete the missions, when you have done them all you will get her.

Piranas are always strong in elo.

Also remember Scubb is a great bluff card. You can get a bigger pill advantage if your opponent reads wrong and immensely overpills when you put 1-2 pills on. Even if they read it right you still get a pill advantage or a life advantage if they soa and no-pill

sunday 29/05/2011


Sorry this is the correct link.

Young, Wild and Free!


Smuggled Goods

Yes, this thread is disguised but is really a ''Rate all my presets up!'' thread. smiley

I have good reasons and intentions for making this thread though, ALL of these decks have made me 1300 ELO. I post them here in the hopes that you'll copy them to your presets, use them and get 1300 ELO. And of course rate up and comment as well. smiley

saturday 28/05/2011

I understand wanting SOA, but Onyx is not worth it IMO

Its a good deck but personally i would change Hula for Esmeralda and Rodney for Radek.

Personally i would still use Azgroth instead of Azel if you can afford him.

Personally i would use deleted but with Dregn instead of C Beast and Deea instead of Sunder.

p.s if you want to post a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1884553" and change the = to a :

friday 27/05/2011

Thanks for the input

Personally i would change Karen to Kang and Selma to Bloodh.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name you only copy the "preset=1883504" and change the = to a :

Its a good deck personally i would chage Karen to Kang and Bloodh to Selma

Harrowing Through ELO

Please rate / comment and make suggetsions. Thanks

Ratanah and Lou because they are just average cards now, and roots cant make a full deck. Shakra can stay banned, but roots just need a decent 5 star, that they can use in elo. Also if your gonna make cards with backlash i think roots should atleast get some decent unbanned cards so that it wont be overpowerd against them.

Very good deck but when marina is banned i would look at changing her for Kang and Wendel for Rubie.

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