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thursday 07/04/2011

I'd personally take Elke over Arkn if he is banned and you're already using Z3r0 D34d. Otherwise, splash in Spiaghi or Redra...

wednesday 06/04/2011

I'd rather face attack manipulation than All Stars with GHEIST smiley

There is already another topic discussing this on the first page and another one on the general strategy and tactics board. Is it that hard to scan a page and read the thread?

To answer your question though: Gil and Hawkins play wicked mind games with your opponent. Lehane and Marlysa Cr have SOB and solid power (great damage for Marlysa too). Spiaghi is a great splash.

Piranas hands down in my opinion. Bonnie Ld, Hawkins, Hawkins Noel, Tula, Puff (very nice in a mono), Spycee (to an extent), and, if you're really stretching it, Trey, to an extent. This long list of 2* allows for tons of flexibility while building a Piranas deck.

tuesday 05/04/2011

monday 04/04/2011

Oh right, silly me.
Here's a link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1817987

You can try this, this is an attack manipulation deck and not frequently banned.

You can go to >1200 in ELO after you get used to the mode and this deck.


Funny nightmares

anyone has some suggestion to make it better?
if you could rate it, i would be pleased

sunday 03/04/2011

I am currently looking to build a deck for Elo battles.
Am looking at 3 clans : Fang Pi,La Junta n Rescue.
Would appreciate any comments on wat cards to use so that i can fine tune.
My current Elo set is not really impressive though so any comments as to wat to do wld b appreciated.


I left a comment on the deck about cards you should change hope they help smiley

Looks like Kerry will be safe and sledge wasn't even on the ballot smiley

I know it is not ELO valid but:

deleted is what I am using for T1 DM.

Rules are made for a reason Famous Falco, and they changed those, so it's really a whole new game.

saturday 02/04/2011


Yes/No and suggestions


Need tips on what cards to put in and take out, I'd rather leave kinjo in, he's great for bluffing, and if not, 10 damage is amazing

@LW-Daimore deleted&list
@Apoc-Prophet deleted&list im afraid the idea isnt very good as currently rescus full deck is over used so this deck would be good if this wasnt the case lol
@Soundtrack_8 your request is quite hard as im not a vortex player but im working on it, close to getting a C wing for it smiley

This is on of my first elo decks I'm not that new to the game though and now what cards are banned ect
so can every body Rate & Comment

I love junks/piranas, heres my deck...

Keep Gibson cuz SOB is better than attack manipulation

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