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sunday 27/03/2011

saturday 26/03/2011

Fang Pi is for sure playable atm. I played this week with this Halfdeck:

Marlysa Cr**
Zhu Tang***

I think it's possible to play without Marlysa Cr, instead you could play Nakata*** or maybe Windy Mor** at lvl. 2.
It's a strong halfdeck, i played with GHEIST as second clan and reached more than 1300 ELO, more is surely possible.

Which one do you like better?
write which one and a good reason and deck
i cant decide :S

Love having an SoB half, but idk which I prefer, what's your preference?

friday 25/03/2011

Not bad, but if u want a more balanced Junkz/piranas half deck, in terms of power, damage and abilities,
check out this preset smiley


Melvin, Dayton, Lehane, Tessa Cr, Havok, Owen, Katja, Tobie, etc all work just fine in the half. You lose John and Coby, but yeah, it can work.

I would really appreciate it if everybody checked out this preset and let me know what they think.

The Strong Arm

There's not much that Sentinel has going for them. Their bonus is poor and to make up for it their cards are also poor.


thursday 24/03/2011

I'm just asking, that's forum for isn't it? If you have problem don't write then

wednesday 23/03/2011

People consider Rescue a noob clan because you only play them in mono (at least you should be!) and therefore, you will always have your bonus unless you face SOB cards/clans.

The fact that they get +12 attack in each round leaves a lot of room for error and bluffing, plus your opponent can't bluff as easily.

Gleem unbanned is madness, so easy to do 2hko

tuesday 22/03/2011

I half deck Sentinel with Skeelz myself. Skeelz can laugh off SoA, and both clans are good against SoB. However, Piranas work too.

Montana link didn't work
This should, sorry for inconvenience

I think that if you have Morphun, you should be able to use him. I got my elo record with Morphun and the gheist, so I believe strongly in this idea. cards like ambre are a little too strong for elo and I think even if they were used, it would be pretty easy to counter. But I think that once a month, we could have the leaders come back. Or maybe every week a different leader is unbanned in a sort of rotation. Maybe in the order that you get them.

I seemed to have done a lot better with Hawkins then I am doing with bonnie ld.

monday 21/03/2011

Now characters only take 1% vote to be banned... oh well, makes votes more meaningful and bans less arbitrary I guess

sunday 20/03/2011

Maurice or Dorian -> Oxen or Rubie

That'll be enough so you can get higher stars cards

Obligatory only the weak use rescue. smiley

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