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thursday 17/03/2011

Hey everyone, check out my elo deck. Very hard to lose with this. constructive criticism always appreciated.

tuesday 15/03/2011

Oflgn --> Dagg
Spycee --> Tyd
Bloodh --> Dahlia

Azgroth is a better complement to Kenny than Azel or Glorg. If you win with Kenny, you just need to win with a wall to win the round. Azgroth especially punishes 8 power characters that Nightmare have problems with. Glorg is especially bad because Glorg must out pill. Edwin is like a mini- Azgroth/ bigger Eadh.

Both Orlok and Nerfetiti are obviously great with Kenny as well but you might not need both so maybe you can drop Orlok.

I'm not sure why you have Arawaka and Azel in the same preset.

I play my Nightmare with Timber. It's obviously great to get the extra damage from Kenny, but the damage boost is also great on Phyllis, Mawpin, Nerfetiti and Edwin.

What I use:

You luckersmiley

Dahlia is great in ELO btwsmiley

Because one of the big 5 wasn't in it this time? I have no idea

monday 14/03/2011

Well, Bonnie Ld is the only ELO banned cards(Except Smokey cr ofc) this week so I would suggest:
Tyd, awsome card
Taljon, must have for Mono
Ulrich, ONLY dmg reducer, you really need him in mono
Scubb, also a must have
Either Selma or Bloohd, or both Raeth and Kristin(if you want SoA shes the gu.. uhhm... girl)
Then you either have 5 or 6 cards, but anyways you need theese 2: Tula and Hawkins, the golden couple, seriusly these guys owns the last 2 round(bluff with a good card, hit with a mediocre one) play Hawkins to force them too pill and then own them with 4 dmg Tulasmiley If you chose 4 and 5 * then you should go for Ector(works great with the new 14 life ELO), Andsome(always good with some more pill-manip) or actually Greesh(better than people think, and especially in ELO), but I mostly use him with Bonnie Ld though, cuz overpilling greesh and then use Bonnie Ld too get your pills back is fun, and if you draw Ulrich 2 thats greatsmiley

He had posted this right before the new week of ELO started, so he'll have to re-adjust his deck.

As stated above, Toro and Bristone are banned (as with Leviatonn).

Harold is pretty bomb, IMO, but you may miss the damage. He does not alway require his ability to win, at any note.
With Oxen banned I'd say he is your best bet (I know Rubie has high damage and SOA, but it does not change the fact that you need to pump in a lot of pills to get that damage in).

Just remember that Wendel requires courage to even have SOA (which pretty much forces you to play him during one of two turns unless you plan to toss him as fodder) and Gail Ld requires confidence to raise her damage output to a respectable (for a 2*) 4 which means she ties in well with the Freaks once they win, I guess.

In short, use Harold instead of Rubie, play around with both Gail Ld and Wendel and then decide.

sunday 13/03/2011

Eggman is overrated.

i would bump Rodney to Mindy if possible and then get Askai (if unbanned, otherwise save for Ongh smiley ) and also use Arno over Jeto (unless banned) and Rico/Noodile Cr are about equal, so it comes down to your preferences.

This is the deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1791257

i know that Yookie is banned. i could replace her with Jeena. the preset with her was already made so, yeah.
rate and comment guys. please help me improve this deck. smiley

Yes CivicRetired like me.

Although GW@Z! is my word so get your own. smiley

saturday 12/03/2011

I agree with hb. Stick with Gabrielle or Taigo

While the above points are true, it is definitely easier for someone struggling to hit 1300 with some decks other than others. I wouldn't recommend Fang Pi Clang because they require near perfect pillz usage but a clan like Rescue can allow for a little mistake. In other words, it is much more difficult to become locked up after round 1 with rescue than it is for FPC.

Just something you might want to think about when picking a clan and deck smiley


Yeah this is my best deck So RATE and COMMENT and show me how to make it better

Thanks Mods smiley

@xavi Yeah but i was hoping for a sentinel lol

friday 11/03/2011

Here's my new deck. Its not perfect, but its very good imo.
Its also very cheap, i didnt notice that is was until after i published it xD
Read the description, the R+C!! deleted

Thanks Mods.

Rescue makes sense. You can throw a good deck together for 20k. Sledg, elvira, anita, slyde, lea, glosh, krash, and wesley or ash is a very cheap effective deck.

It needs less pussycats smiley

thursday 10/03/2011

If the choices are Ghumbo + Pan vs Glorg + Kenny, I'd go with the prior. Sure, Kenny's potential life gap is amazing. In many eyes, he's the best non-perma banned 4 star in Nightmare. The problem is, he's pairing two mid power clans, with a set-up that lacks attack manipulation and has very, very light power manipulation. Sure, there's SoA/SoB but two all stops isn't necessary, especially when Glorg is one more star and only one damage better than Leviatonn. If you truly want to use /kenny, use Azgroth in the other slot.

It was a display glitch, fixed.

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