tuesday 15/02/2011

monday 14/02/2011

Lol Uranus is pretty imbalanced... by pretty I mean extremely

I think with 14 life to begin with Sunder would still be good with freaks


Rescue IMO, but only because Sledg is unbanned. smiley

Im currently testing a Jungo/Junks

@Jackiemxxt: Uranus deserves the ban...

There are a lot of piranas roaming in elo. Do you think this piranas/junkz deck is good enough to stop them?

Bonnie Ld - If you are two pillz or more down
Hawkins - Stands up to Tula, Puff(to an extent) and all other two stars, andsom
Selma - Increases your winning chance against Dahlia, Pesth etc.
Gil - Hawkins, watch out! and many other cards in piranas
Qubiks - Stops Scubb, Dahlia, Katan, Raeth, Smokey Cr and many pill manupilators
Gibson - Only card good against Tyd (In my deck)
Tremorh - Just for extra threat

And after all of that, it is elo playable.

What do you think are the negatives in my deck? Can you point it out to help me perfect this deck? (No advice for Cr's)

sunday 13/02/2011

Well . no i do not want Green faces. i just want to make the people for have fun

After a comeback and adjusting to new things in UR, messing with decks I found a nice one for myself. First two weeks I was barely passing 1200, now I made 1300 just trying out this deck. Next week I'm back in fighting for 1400.
Rate! smiley

saturday 12/02/2011

A Piranas and Junkz deck, mainly focusing on pillz manipulation. Raeth and Gibson works very well when both players have very few pillz due to pillz reduction and Jiro is a perfect follow up to right after a pillz manipulator. Here it is:

Piranas & Junkz Destroys Pillz

(The link is a bit strange, but click on the word Piranas.)

Please rate and comment! smiley Thanks!

Unless you're playing low-damage cards, they still need to win 2 rounds.
And that first round, if you're using high power, you should be able to beat them =/

I was liking the Eris for its 7/7 and I had been play testing Ngrath..and I just don't like him in this deck.
And I'm really not a fan of Selma smiley

Hi guys.. just want to share my deck
Weird Students

rate and comment please smiley

I've been using a La Junta deck, just to try it out.

i've won 7/10 games. 70% win rate is not so bad, i went from 1010s to 1180s in about 30m and placed in 53 in the tournament.

http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1702466 this is the deck i used, its has a little problem with SOA

i actually made it by my self and then realized that there was one exactly like it on the presets smiley

I never played Elo in my life. i was thinking that i should starts playing Elo. smiley
But how many times i want to make an elo deck ; i can't . my all 28 caracters are 4 and 5 starts. smiley

do you want to give me some idea for an Fang pi clang and all stars Elo deck. (please ) smiley

friday 11/02/2011

@Kitsune: Hearing the comment "Ulrich is irreplaceable" from a self-proclaimed "expert Piranas player" in itself already makes your whole post void, to be honest.

And you do either have a problem with post interpretation and reading comprehension or you simply love to twist the words of others. Either way, let me help you out here:

I never said "Ulrich = Tyd = Taljion = Ector". For once I have to agree with you, that is a dumb statement. I said that each of these 3* is a very viable card and has its own uses. I also said that it comes down to personal preference which one to use. Ulirch can be great and win matches, but he is also often worse than any of the other 3* ever could be. There are so many good SoA and life gaining cards out there, that Ulrich becomes an autoloss because of his low power. Especially if you play a deck with Scubb and Tyd which is simply incapable of draining pillz since there is no attack manipulation involved whatsoever.

I also didn't "rate Scubb lower than [...] Sting". Again, reading comprehension ftw. I said that "Sting has her uses over Scubb depending on play style and deck." This statement means nothing else than, considering the rest of the deck and play style of the person, Sting may fit better than Scubb.

Raeth is so great because of his 7 base power and his attack manipulation. No point in having an ability that gives 4 pillz when you can't trigger it. Also, for the record, Petra is a staple when Sakrohm has a strong week.

Thanks Guys for all those suggestions!

I will let go of my life gap idea smiley
So I'm going for a the strong basic build smiley

What do you guys think of this setup?


ELO deck for those who love mature women. smiley


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