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sunday 20/02/2011

Looks nice to me

how do I load presets, as I've hit 1300 and I would like some advice on my elu/night m deck

saturday 19/02/2011

Don't worry if you don't get it, it's hard to explain smiley
Call it regular bluffing if you like, I just call it Anti-Bluffing.



friday 18/02/2011

Hmm, i agree with poj-poj,
a banning may depend on the rest of the cards in the clan :/

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25k deck deleted im curently at 1320 after going 11 game so far without loss with this deck (i played some games with another deck before i changed to this one).

thursday 17/02/2011

I have a good collection most vortex pirana junks and la junta
a good collection of ulu watu uppers and sentinel
Doing well in type 1 but can't seem to win in
Elo looking for some advice please

Very good at all 3 levels. An overall solid card.

@ Clown

Try not to worry about your Best Elo record for now. You've only been playing Elo for at the most, 10 levels. Which can be short since you can DM at the same level. So you level up quicker than older players have had to level up.

Since you're using Mono-Freaks, you should have a lot of experience by now of bluffing and figuring out when the opponent is bluffing. Maybe you could try out some different Freaks cards or even a new clan? Maybe some more Life Manipulation or even a cheap Attack Manipulation clan.

Freaks can also set up some dangerous and cheap half decks so maybe consider splitting them with another clan. Just keep experimenting until you find something that works for you.

wednesday 16/02/2011



tuesday 15/02/2011

I WANT SPLATA! Imagine getting him and Bogdan in one hand. Actually, once I get Splata, I may consider mono Freaks. They may get about 20 more cards before I get enough $$$ for Splata though smiley

lol.. Imagine this deck: Bogdan, Splata, Wolfgang, Soushee, Spiaghi, Ottavia, Lyse Teria, Prince Jr

Only 1 ELO banned character, fits in t1, contains 3 8-powered SoA, 4, reducers and an annoying prick called Prince Jr. smiley





monday 14/02/2011

Lol Uranus is pretty imbalanced... by pretty I mean extremely

I think with 14 life to begin with Sunder would still be good with freaks


Rescue IMO, but only because Sledg is unbanned. smiley

Im currently testing a Jungo/Junks

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