tuesday 13/12/2011

monday 12/12/2011

Post your deck please

saturday 10/12/2011

friday 09/12/2011

Interesting deck. it seems to work for you.

wednesday 07/12/2011

Noted~ Btw I also used this on ELO. (Good vs Manipulation Clans ~ Fair against SOA.)

tuesday 06/12/2011

Nice deck. smiley

monday 05/12/2011

thursday 01/12/2011

Nice deck. I would personally remove Elvis. This will aloow you to draw the more powerfull cards more often.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=2102960" and change the = to :

Interesting deck. I would personally change Sentogan to Flanagan.

The pressure goes both ways.Also a higher lev could see you as an easy mark,and be over confident.

monday 28/11/2011

Nice deck. I would personally remove Dalhia and change Eklore to Ambre.

You need to win 5 fights in a row in the survivor rooms (you can use any clans).

sunday 27/11/2011

I didn't get your post BlitzAssasin.

But I give up for now. I have a month to get credits and buy the cards I need to complete a GHEIST, Pirana or Nightmare deck.
For now this mission is just a no can do for me. my longest streak was 2. Yes. 2. what can I say?. I suck.

friday 25/11/2011

Well done. smiley

Interesting deck. I would personally remove Lois Ld.

Interesting deck. smiley

tuesday 22/11/2011

Yes , when you start playing with 9 pillz , you definetely need to pull out morphun !!

+1 post 2 , that's nice guys taking time to explain things smiley

monday 21/11/2011

Nice deck. I would personally change Sunder to GraksmxxT.

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