monday 07/03/2011

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Also, you don't need to copy the entire URL for the Guild link to work, just the end bit and replace = with : .
It's on that thread I linked anyway, so have a good read.


Post #100 Mods can you please close this we are Not taking Any new members for at Least 2 months.


Well i'm waiting kfc to arrive in Finland cos i'm getting bored with mämmi.

I have a little weapon that can blow up spaceships!
Should I join? Why?
I can Exterminate anyone!

Right! Join Magi Asylum!smiley

sunday 06/03/2011

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No problemo

Close please he found a guild smiley

We're a guild likes to have fun and win we are like a brotherhood we're family we get along if another member has problem with some one on the team they go to our fight room and battle out and at the end we're still family we except any levels any level of fair play but you do have to be decent no one should be left out of the party my friend .smileysmiley

saturday 05/03/2011

Join bliss people!

Thanks for your support. and good luck to you both. smiley

You are more than welcome to join aussie crusaders monthly tournies active boards great players, hope you might pop in and test us out.

Ignore flash come here! xD lol

We're already second in america on our 3rd day of having this guild lolsmiley

friday 04/03/2011

"guild:1275694" a new guild is currently recruiting!
• All levels are welcome
• Must get 100 BP (Battle Points) a day, unless you give me a reason beforehand why you can't
That is all for now.

Join the pit today! looking for members! We specialize in the "art of the KO"

We are proud to inform you that Mantri_Gal is open and recruiting. We are a new guild so we are accepting players of any lvl.

We try to help each other develop as a player, and together help the guild evolve.

We have chosen Wile E Coyote to be in our guild's pic and there are reasons for that:
Wile is determined, persistent, strong-willed, inventive and innovative. He never gives up when things go wrong. He just comes up with a different plan to get what he wants. Likewise, we never give up a battle,we always try new strategies and look for ways to improve our game
Moreover, Wile is the funniest and most entertaining cartoon of all time and we are playing UR to have fun

Join Mantri_Gal now to receive your acme product

You can join guild:1273082 just level up fast enough

O ................... I did'nt think this was to get published.... smiley I feel sadden. Anyway I was thinking can someone with high activity on the game take over? Pm me if ya want... Im gonna leave UR for a while smiley . I'll come back to take over. smiley

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