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monday 06/12/2010

Spider-Man smiley

Also looking for multiples of Yayoi.

Here I seek 5* not full for 625 by charts.
Thank you. smiley

(Direct in my sales private. Thank you)
[[I do not speak English well, to afflict I am French. ]]

Thank you moderation has.

I wanna trade my 0exp Jackie for multiple copies of C Wing and Dagg. Leave posts here or pm me for a quicker response

-Thanks Mods

Hey mods plz close this post =) thx

Close this please

sunday 05/12/2010

Close the topic =)

Close plz mods smiley

Ill sell u vansar nd sayura both of them for 300

I buy graff at the price of your topic, put it on my vp

Ill trade u a Jackie for him

Marlysa for 638 k pm if intrested

Trading Griezzo for Montana / Bangers or Vortex

i would trade my 2 Tanaereva Cr:
1 Tanaereva full for 5 Charlie ( full or better 0xp )
1 Tanaereva full for 4 GraksmxxT full

Thanks modsmiley

I want a Hammer under the market price
i offer 3200 clintz + full Bristone and B Ball

Up for my friend smiley

Are you still interes ted pm me

Jackie selling for 68.000

Can i have sleam for 600?

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