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friday 26/08/2011

Anything really just pm me

(another cards are welcome too)

Hi all

I want to sell or trade my 14 stella 0xp

I value stella in 11.5k each ,so 14 stella 0xp = 161k

I accept cash or Jackie Cr + cash

MP for negociation

Looking to purchase a Uranus (preferably at full xp, but xp doesn't matter) for 14.5k (14500) clintz.

If you're interested please PM or setup a secure trade.


No, my purchase price will not move.

I sell it for seldnor Cr , 2 Cortez , 90l clintz

Close this topic

This trade is closed!

Trade done.Thank you to all offers.

Buy Zatman for 12000 clintz, but is negotiable
Pm for quicker answer
Thanks ;D

Fifty 4* Syd Noze 0xp
Baldovino full Cassandra full Karmov 0xp Oren 3* Rhyno 2*
Anibal oXP
Nyema oxp
Brandon full
Ed 0xp
Denise oxp
Lovak 0XP
Razor 0xp
Harold 0xp
Maeva 0xp
looking for 26- 28 k
p.m for your offers would sell them ass single too

I want 1 Boyle - any xp
I will trade my Miho - 0xp

I trade 29 isatis (2k each one) for these cards:
- xu52 10k
- draheera 8k
-Jane ramba 10k
-ray 10k
-Kenny 20k

and 10 pyro (1300 each one) for Coby

Thanks mod smiley

Hi all,
i want to sell my lyse teria cr 0xp for 6.3M...
I'm interested in cash or playble cr's...like:
Marlysa Cr
Vickie Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Jackie Cr
Caelus Cr
Kerozinn Cr
cash not more of 500k clintz...
thnks modsmiley

I want to sell my jim cr for 170k if you´re interested write a private message pls

I can give you some of these cards for robb...
3 Noodile Cr,2 Toro,4 Rolph,4 Jane Ramba (one 0 exp),3 Spiaghi,2 Winifred pfull,4 Elly Mae pfull...I also have 24.000 clintz.
Pm me if interested.

Then nobody interested...if you are interested we can speak about the complement...there aren't problem smiley i wait your messages

Want to Buy Scubb for a very reasonable price.

Please and Thank You!

thursday 25/08/2011

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