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saturday 04/12/2010

friday 03/12/2010

Please close thread, trade done smiley

I either want to sell all these Wayne Stark 0Xp for 50 000

or trade with any card(s) valued at 50

Your Jackie for 76k PM me smiley

Mods, you can close this.

Thank you!smiley

As title says, trading my Selsya Cr (level 2) for a Jackie, any lvl

You're short by a bit, you might want to add to your side.

Hey guys,
i look up for a sum sam cr.
when you have one sum sam that you dont need send me your offer (i look up for him)
or when you have two smiley
thanks for accept
and thanks for lots of anwers smiley


It is also possible to add some non cr cards with high value.

I'm trading my elya cr 0 xp with one or two page cr 0 xp against one tessa cr full or 0 xp,

thanks to mod


Hi everybody.

I offer again my 0xp Miss Twice Cr, my Thaumaturge Cr, my Splata Cr, Clintz and some higher priced 0xp cards like Dagg, Dhalia etc. for one of the "bigger" crs, like one level Higher smiley (Lamar Cr etc.)

Thx Mods!

I wanna trade my Full jack for a 0exp one. ill pay up to 3k in clintz.

thanks mods

Well ill price 1st ill offer 45k for all 5 noodiles! & 65k for a 0xp Jackie!

I have two 0 XP jackie willing to be traded
i am looking for the following cards:
2 Kolos (0 XP or FULL (4 Kolos for both))
1 Tanaereva Cr + 3 Hikiyousan + 3 Wee Lee (or just 1 tanaereva Cr for one Jackie)
1 Lamar Cr (0 XP(For Both))
1 Splata Cr (0 XP (For Both))
1 Vickie Cr (0 Xp (For Both)) + 20K
3 Dregn (6 Dregn For Both)
Also u can make offers for either one jackie or two i am flexible PM Me for faster response
thanks, Mods smiley

My Kolos for your Ghumbo, Kenny, Oshitsune, Nistarok, and Ielena.

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Deal off. Not gonna happen anytime in the next 5 months. smiley

thursday 02/12/2010

Sorry guys, she is sold.



I have 5 noodile
3 0exp
1 full
and 1 with like 50 exp
also selling jackie 0exp
trades prefered

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