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thursday 12/05/2011

Let me know if you're interested

I d like to buy 1 dagg

13 stella 0xp for 9k c/1 !

i sell my a award cr 0xp for clintz (105k),or trade with lots of: gil copper rowdi gheist
contact me to pm
Thnks Mod smileysmiley


60 000 / one cash
61 000 / one crs or cards (kenny kerry erpeto boris radek )

in cash or crs

thnx modo

PM me. I can't PM me you for some reason..

Hello guys!

Trade my Robb cr , with 2 Rowdy.

If you are interested pm me

Im Willing to buy for 29k and trade u a Krung

Yep,Willing to trade my Kolos for Vortex characters.
What i have in mind is Dagg+C Wing +Deea + Oflgn +Cyb lhia +Neloe or smth similar!

wednesday 11/05/2011

Title says it all..

any xp 2 smokey for 64 0xp nahema

post or pm me

Well yeah that is true that his average price is at 32k but there are times when his price falls a bit at 30-31k
so you can still gain profits

You have about 150-165k offering for a 210-215k card.... Anything you want to add?

Guru Cr for:
800.000 clitz + 1 Marlysa Cr + 3 Robb Cr + 1 Kerozinn Cr + 1 Diyo Cr 0xp + 1 Splata Cr + 2 Kreen Cr + 1 Thaumaturge Cr + 2 Alec Cr + 2 Noodile Cr + 8 Caelus Cr 0xp + 4 Caelus Cr + 3 Chad Bread Cr + 1 Tanaereva Cr + 2 Jackie Cr + 1 Page Cr + 1 Copper + 2 Uranus + 1 Kolos + 3 GraksmxxT

Contact me for mp!

Like the topic says, I want to sell or trade 2 Chiara 0xp

It´s market price is of 4700 clintz! I sell it for a little bit more economic or if you prefer I can trade for another cards like: Jay, Striker, Marina, Hawk, ...

Send me a MP if you want to make this trade! smiley

I have 4 kreen cr's left. anyone want a deal?

Repeated sorry close

I have emeth and rowdy.

I also have yayoi

What else can you offer?

Buying Praxie for 8900. PM me if you have already sent me an offer so that i can accept it asap.

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