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thursday 02/12/2010

52 Wayne Stark 0Xp, (1,000 a piece) = 52, 000

6 Marco 0Xp, (6,500 a piece) = 39, 000

I would trade 2 Marco 0Xp for Noodile 0Xp


52 Wayne Stark 0Xp + 4 Marco 0Xp for Jackie 0Xp

We could negotiate through message

Please pm me or post here and i will pm you

Thanks Mods


My herman to your 6 jiro.

I'll buy your shann for 4.5k

He does NOT have Tanaereva Cr

1 messages

Made a deal for elya. mods, close this thread please. thank you.

Mods please close thread

2 tanaereva cr 0 exp for your vickie cr + 12k

Sorry all has been sold

Hi everybody!
I'm exchanging my Alec cr full for Cyb Lhia, c wing, plus 41k

pm if interested

Looking to trade my 25 Terry Cr 0xp for 25 marco 0xp or any number 1:1

just beep me or post here tnx smiley

Buy ur Estalt for 700 clintz
Just put it in my private sales.

Send me a message with the amount you're willing to pay for it if your interested. The price is 6153 or higher if you want to pay more

Hello people i sell my Sum Sam Cr 0 exp for clintz or clintz + card, i sell it for 1M180k

thank modsmiley

Trade my 3*/ jackie for your full jackie + compliments

I can also throw in a Full Exp Marlysa Cr.

you have them and are selling them pm
me or say here

And MrCheater pm

I'm trading tessa cr for 4 jackies. Thanks!

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