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thursday 05/05/2011

Oh sorry i want to say 10 charlie + 1 caelus cr 0xp, sorry for my error smiley

charlie = 49 000 smiley

I can pay 8k lolz

These cards are still available

10 x timmy
6 x sheitane
22 x sargh
5 x pan
60 x orlok
8 x nerfeniti
30 x mojo
25 x melluzine
12 x mawpin
30 x k cube
18 x erzsebet
14 x endora
20 x edwin
20 x dieter
38 x arawaka

the other are sold


Close please, thnx smiley

I also have Ulrich and Nistarok

I down the price to around 800K

Considering i bought them all after caules turned cr and i didnt buy them thinking they would turn cr, i think your the fail. why comment? you just show your self up.

RA - 100 cley are 0xp
UFO - Around 95 redra are 0xp

your whatever Alec Cr for 85k cash and trade.=100k
Or Kolos and 35k

I am willing to pay for Alec Cr 75K cash or 100k Cash/Card combo.
I have tons of cards so please just ask.
PM only please

I offer 9 Smokey cr full for 17 Dalhia 0xp

Is it each??? or is it all??? if all, i would most certainly buy it

Looking to buy a 0exp Kerozinn Cr. i offer 180k and the rest in cards. i value a 0exp Kerozinn Cr at 210k.

thanks Mods

I am selling him for 1100, the next lowest price is 1170, so you could get a small profit off of it.

Deal is done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

wednesday 04/05/2011

Thanks Babs. I am also interested in Smokey Cr but will be open to any offers

Pretty much that. My 2 0XP graks for your 0XP Caelus cr

PM me please

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