sunday 14/11/2010

Well i dont have enough money to buy one of them but can i rent one?or borrow?or maybe even get for free?(doubt it)

Haha . sayng nga ii meron n sana pumayag. no add>.> pero na bili na daw. T.T

My Caelus (full) for your Copper (full) + Tino (full)

PM me

I can make up some if market values are a little off.

would consider Cr of similar value to Nahi but really want miss twice.

Thx mods

I could do more with 0xp sorry angedeLeo .
an thank you FAST IS FUN. its a joke the market price its a pretty constant 600-700k now that hasnt changed in the two almost three years ive been here. the Cr's that high that are not playable dont fluctuate that much

Mods please close this may be from over a year ago

This is a nice card to have

saturday 13/11/2010

Full exp Vickie Cr + 0exp Cassio Cr + 0exp Skullface Cr + 0exp Swidz Cr = 330k

I will like Full exp Jim Cr + Full exp Reine Cr + Full exp Dwain Cr + Full exp Page Cr + Full exp Seldnor Cr = 330k

I can add clintz or cards if prices change in the market

PM me

I am still looking

My 4 Lovhak 0xp For The Striker

Emeth - 15k and a bit
Toro - 6k and a bit

I'm also fairly open to trades, no Vortex cards though

Seeing the ombre Cr 130.000

Hello there, Selling my Leviatonn for 6500 and Wardom for 6200. Or 12350 for both.
PM me asap if you want them, not going to wait forever

Hello i sell or trade my lamar cr 0 exp for 245.000 and my elya cr 0 exp for 215.000, negotiable prices if you are interested we can speak in private.

thank modsmiley

I need 8 cards from the GHEIST can and such
i have lots of copys of Krash i can use to trade or i can work out other card deals with clintz and such
im quite lienent and i need the cards asap to test a new deck idea. Rescue isnt cutting my standard anymore than they have no longer a trump card for this week

i need:
Z3r0 D34d
from the GHEIST clan

than i need
Uranus and Chiara
thats a Rough estimate of 30k clintz i can work this out with u can be good thank you
thanks mods and sorry about other post thats exactly like this i just computer thew it out before i was done typen
thanks for putting this up and not other

I have over 100 copys of Krash and clintz to offer
also some rescue just ask

Selling/ trading my Seldnor Cr for 32k or 33k worth of cards. PM me for offers. Prices are negotiable.

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