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wednesday 31/08/2011

Will also consider other offers, especially involving gil .

Sold that one, now i have another and i'm looking for 190k

Got for 344k clints
thanks mods

tuesday 30/08/2011

I would like around 280k for her in clintz or cards, private messages are best.

I'm also looking for Robb Cr. I have 250 0xp Sunder for trade so PM me your offers. Thanks.

How's my sayura full exp for a little of your money

Mods: please close/delete. Thanks.

[SELL]Rass Cr 0 exp(630k),Sum Sam Cr(1.3M)
Looking for Jackie Cr 0 exp @ 115k per card(I'll add more whereever required),Noodile Crs preferably 0 exp etc.
Thanks(No need for offering anything below 1.1M and 550k;Consider it as staring price.)

Thanks again smiley

Please PM and private sale me if interested, thanks!smiley

You should be quick. I've a very interesting offer right now

I would like to buy vickie cr in clintz. If anyone out there is nice enough i can afford roughly 338,500 Please and Thank you so much Private trade will make faster.

Thank you so much Mods

The Ulrich are gone!
Anyone else? smiley

Lamar Cr purchased. Topic can be closed. Thanks.

Hello !

I'm looking for several cards in copies 0xp:
Boris ➝ 2,75k / Each
Akendram ➝ 5k / Each
Wolfgang ➝ 2k / Each
Yayoi ➝ 20k / Each

I propose you these cards for the cards i want :
20 Beef 0xp for 20 Boris 0xp or 20 Wolfgang + 16k
Jackie Cr full for 5 Yayoi 0xp + 2 Akendram 0xp
2 Noodile Cr full for 6 Akendram 0xp + 6k
165 3* 0xp for any of these cards.

Don't think so. It is pretty normal for a new member to ask for a ridiculous deal. Guess next he will be asking to offer to trade Frida for Kiki Cr.

Still looking for offers smiley

I'll add Noodile Cr to my offersmiley

I realized already what was going on. At first glance it seemed like a scam. I can't delete my comment but, I'll be sure not to react so quickly without knowing what I'm talking about. Again, my humble apologies!

I will trade two Kolos 0 xp + Dagg 0xp + 30k wich is about 200k for Tanaereva Cr any xp

I'll buy him for 1k lol

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