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sunday 28/11/2010

Good luck with that.

I trade my Jackie full xp + complement for a Jackie 3*
I trade my Miss Chloe full xp + complement for a Miss Chloe 4*
I trade my Zatman full xp + complement for a Zatman 0xp

The complement is negociable in each case smiley

Come on guys, are there no lonley tanaerevas out there looking to join my blue man retreat.

I trade my Zatman full xp + Jody full xp for your Zatman 0xp


Got my elya Cr please close mods

1. Buy - 5 4 1740 xp - 5 330 Clintz sold by br1rap, 72h, 55min left.

very tempted to buy it for 6000smileysmiley

I'm looking for Jim Cr for my full Tanaereva cr

offers to my PM

thx mods

Im selling my chikko cr. i have 7 all 0exp. im selling them for 6.2k a piece. or looking to trade all of them for a Kolos.

Thanks Mods smiley

Want to buy Yayoi @ 9300 clintz each. Put at my ps. Accept till i have enough.

Im looking to buy GraksmxxT for a little below market level (since those arent particularly moving fast)

Im looking to pick one up at around 17,000 if anyone's intrested, or post offers.

saturday 27/11/2010

Looking for Lamar Cr for trade
i have Tanaereva CR, Kreen Cr, Admiral Py Cr, Terry Cr, Chikko Cr

Hi, I buy your 3* 0XP for 200 Clintz each, but only in lot of minimum 10 ! If you have less, I'll take for 180 Clintz. smiley


Smokey 0xp
For Tessa Or Krezinn

I only have 4600 Clintz, unless you're using a nightmare deck You shouldn't need 7000 to part with him, he isn't worth that much his price is just inflated because of the legends mission

I got a dagg............ and a dagg........... 2daggs for kolos smiley

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