thursday 17/02/2011

We are a new guild were you can get together and run amok in total anarchy. Do whatever whenever you please. Feel like teaming up for a death match go ahead. Feel like doing only Elo be my guest. Feel like training all week go right ahead. After all this is total anarchy we are taking about smiley

anarchy is waiting won't you join us in it?


wednesday 16/02/2011

Heya guys,

I'm a fairly new player to this game and I think that this guild would suit me perfectly to up my game!

I'm loyal and active (also on message boards), friendly and determined to rock this game in a rockin guild smiley

tuesday 15/02/2011

Join the American Empire we could use active people like u

You are welcome to join California Style. We have many up and coming players in our guild:

monday 14/02/2011

Oh ok thanks for the clarification and help, this is my first guild (second, technically) Next time I will remember!

Try Knock Out, since you are level 20 we will easily except you, we will even help you out in the long run, plus we are currently ranked in the top 100 of elo in this nation. Thanks

sunday 13/02/2011

1st : Immortality
2nd : guild:777097
3rd : Masters of Battle
4thCenter Stage

I close the sujet thank you

In Our Guild We Do Freindly Battles Or Any Kind Of Battle Our Fellow Guild Members Wish To Do. We Have Some Rules In Our Guild:No Cursing, No Insulting Other Players. So Come Join Us And If You Have Any Problems Just Come Tell Me Or Any Other High Priority Guild Members.

Lvl 21 (currently)
Specialty: Deathmatch (not that im amazing at it, its what i play)
Largest UR achievement yet: Ranked 23rd USA Weekly Rankings!!!

Looking for a Guild Based off building decks over winning with a somewhat competitive edge

Hi are you looking for a new,fun and rising guild ? Then your at the right place ! We are a new guild that helps eachother out by talking gameplay and deck building we have no requirements other then STAYING ACTIVE and having fun we play different types of card styles but we are strong at FANG PI . but we like to welcome any card type because diversity means knowledge in the sense of how to play against other card types . ( strategy) SO WELCOME TO (TRM) THE REPO MEN click link below to join


I was surfing around and noticed that you were not a member in a guild, now it just so happends that I'm in a guild that I think you would fit in perfectly!

It's "The 3D" and it is a guild based on the 3 D's. Defeated- what happens to our opponents.
Depressed- how our opponents feel after the match.
Destroyed- our opponents cards throughout the match.

We are a fun and active guild and are for the moment the 39 in the top recruting guilds in U.S!

You find the link on my site under "You are a member of Guild: " and after that is the link...

Well good luck to you.

saturday 12/02/2011

We are a band of rouge clown's. unhappy with being forced to make others laugh their pants off we have chosen to bestowe the title of "Clown" with a more darker mind set. After you meet wont ever look at "Clown's" the same again....>smiley

as required, all member's must inclued "Clown" in their name either before joinning ot right after, anyone caught removing or not adding "Clown" to their name after joinning they will be warned, and if they fail to do so after that then they will be removed.

If you wish to join you don't need to make a whole new name up just something like, lets say your name is "Hyperdog52" then you would just do "Hyperdogclown52' or something like that.

we are accepting member's of all level's (5+) and we aren't picky. feel free to drop by and send a join request and i'll get back to you as soon as i review your request.

to join go to ---->

Looking for players to join our guild. We may not be the strongest guild in UR, but we'll surely control its purse strings.

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