thursday 16/09/2010

Or muze for 700 to 850

wednesday 15/09/2010

Im buying Uranus and Na Boh both for 8k (8000) or 7.2 for uranus and 800 for na boh.

please send private sell and i buy as soon as im onlne.


Everything is sold already thanks everyone!

please close the topic.

Mods Please Close thank you smiley

I would rather wait for the auction feature since very time i check this thread someone posts a lower offer and its a little frustrating

Exchange pass with no problem smiley

Pm me your offer if you're interested.

I would trade:
1 Tanereva Cr full for 280 Aigwon full
2 Tanaereva Cr full for 500 Aigwon full

thanks mod

Lamar Cr 175 000 pm me if interested

Caelus + 6k for your Kolos

I give u jackie 0exp 4 tanaerva cr

I have kerozinn and lamar Cr, i want to trade lamar 4 vortex cln plus 50k clintz

I would trade my Lao Cr 0 xp for Lao cr full + a small contribution (clintz or Cr)
Contact me
Thanks mod^__smiley__^

Hey guys, I am trading 2 manon crs that are sitting around in my collection.

I have 2 propositions

Either I can combine them together and trade them for a guru cr + some clintz

or I am trading each one for 2.3M in crs/clintz each

Pm me and we can negociate

I need 1 lamar cr. I offer 170000 clintz.

Il give you 110 k+cooper

As always prices fluctuate so I'm willing to negotiate. smiley

Please close

Ow, thats a good trade !, wish i had a guru =P

I am willing to buy Havoc for 2150 clintz, i know its lower than prizes at the market , but i need him right now

Thanks all smiley

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