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tuesday 26/04/2011

Looking to trade my graksmxxt 0xp.
pm me your offers.
offers including bulks of redra or cley will get priority.
i value graksmxxt at 43,000.

thanks mods.

I counted wrong about 35k in cash

Pm me if your interested

Hello i trade my guru cr 0 exp for guru cr full +2 kolos , i accept also other offer like complement if you are interested contact me

thank modsmiley

Hello, i want buy Sum Sam Cr (0xp) with 950.000 clintz, I will give you 1 Charlie 0xp.
Thank you ! smiley

Good luck with that smileysmiley

I am exchanging my rass cr and marlysa cr (both 0xp) for multiples of caelus cr and/or kolos. Jackie cr and tanaereva can be negociated in the trade as well.

Thanks Mods

Hi im looking for a uranus 0xp or full either one. smiley I will pay 12k.

Thanks, mods

All set, closing the thread now.

Thanks mods!

monday 25/04/2011

Pm me with offers of clintz or trade and you will have to trade for all the clan or everything or NO DEAL
All Stars: El Gringo Jessie Karen Loma Noju Miss Jessie Spudd Randy and Stacey

Montanas: Ace Don Donnie Edd Filomena Gianfranco Oscar and Spiaghi

I will sell or trade my Ghumbo Oshitsune and Nistarok and if you want it Ielena pm me with offer . we can negotiate

For u guru
manon cr + sum sam cr + ndololo cr + dragan cr +2 sigmund cr

Check my auctions by going to my profile and bidding if you like =)

They are new Uppers and Fang Pi Clang! You want them! =)

Looking to trade 0xp Reine cr currently worth 160 k.

Looking primarily for:

--- ENTIRE Vortex clan (~140K) + Comp

--- Caelus Cr (~100K) Bogdan (~10K) Robb Cr (~30K) + Comp

--- Will accept other offers.

Prices are lowest listed rounded to the nearest thousand. I understand that prices wil change thus the comp will be whatever it takes to reach the lowest market price for reine cr.
PM offers or post here.

Sledg's price will go down after the Scott Ld Missions are gone. Wait till then or keep trying for him in classic packs. He'll probably still be around 4k in the future, but not 7-8k.

Kolos is sold!

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