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sunday 03/07/2011

I was thinking the same thingsmiley

Close please

Hopefully cheaper than market price. Around 53k would be nice. Just send me a PM.

I fear this deal will not last long, so if you're reading this, I'd advise you to make your decision quickly.
My Graksmxxt and Kolos (both full xp)
for YOUR Jackie Cr (any xp value)

Do the math, you receive rougly 105K worth of cards and you give me 100K worth... that's a 5K profit. No strings attached. PM me and let's get the deal started smiley

Pm or secure trade for faster response.

Thx a lot.

He has other cards like he said in the thread

Alec Cr is no longer available.
I would like Miss Twice for Nahi Cr and can make up the difference in clintz or cards to be Negotiated.

I am also looking for Miss Twice cr I can make up difference in cards or trade to be negotiated

Pfullers use the cards to gain the full experience of leveling the card from lets say 3->4* or 4->5*, which can be 30-40 bp per card. or 120-160 bp per battle. its basically paying for a quick way to level up

a beautyfull marlysa cr

Emeth is also a good option

Trade my Cortez for 120/140 cards 5* NO FULL....
Trade my Robb Cr for 120 cards 5* NO FULL...
Trade my Jackie Cr for 160/170 cards 5* NO FULL

interested people contact me

Thanks so much mods,,,,, smileysmileysmiley

I'm offering Shayna and Hawk, both 0xp. Pm if interested.

I offer Cortez + other cards or Clintz, subject to market price

Please PM your offers, welcome to negotiate.

Looking for a Mona! smiley
Offering 17k for it.
Of course you can bargain if you want smiley

Cards i will trade:
prince jr max
giovanni (together with other card if u like)
edd 0max
python 4max
masamu 0max
gerturd 0max
thormud max
gus 0max
if possible them in 0 max ty.

I'd like to trade MY graksmxxt (full xp) which I value at around 50K, for GHEIST cards.
I'm looking for any combination of these cards:

Make your own REASONABLE offer involving these cards (and additional clintz if it is necessary).
PM me for offers.

saturday 02/07/2011

I would like to trade my marlysa cr plus 40k for 10 cealus cr.

i mainly want cealus but will listen to other trade offers near marlysa crs price smiley


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