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wednesday 29/06/2011

Jackie cr for reference smiley

I'm offering this 0xp indisible bulk of cards, only cash accepted:

- Kerozinn Cr
- Splata Cr
- Vickie Cr
- Tanaereva Cr
- Jackie Cr
- Ahkab

cards are estimated following market prices

Thanks Mod smiley

The 2 Sylth leaving me, but the others still waiting for theier new owner smiley

Well both Caelus Cr & Jackie Cr are increasing in value smiley

Here is what I will currently offer for Guru Cr:

52 Caelus Cr (all 0xp) = 5.46 - 5.7 Mil


40 Caelus Cr (all 0xp) + 10 Jackie cr (all 0xp)

I'm ready to negotiate smiley

What do you want Dregn. send me a pm if you want a trade.

Oh and I also have Rosen and Jeena to trade. Jeena is the only full xp out of these cards I have to trade.

I trade my Robb Cr for

50 Vansaar 0xp+ 50 Slimann 0xp


100 Candy jack 0xp + 100 mort bax 0xp

All ray is 0xp for maxed?

I would like to buy or trade for Nahi Cr. I have Copper Kolos Dregn, Charlie and Caelus Cr and 30,000 clintz. Please pm me reasonable offers =]

Not alot of US player have the cards your after
you could try the french forums

I'm looking for a top tier CR and I'm willing to trade for one. I've got a Sigmund CR, Robb CR, and Terry that I can put up front and I'm willing to part with most of my collection if I have to. I'll listen to any realistic deals or questions, just PM me

Thanks mods.

Got him close pleasesmiley

Kerry, Marco, and Alec Cr For both Cortez, and Dregn? any takers?

Why do you want armanda my friend has her but is a little inactive ill let him know because he wants to star rescue and berzerk thankssmiley

I need hawkins for my t1 piranas deck to be complete. I can not afford his wholeness. So im am trading sting, ector, and kristin as well as 8.5k if anyone is interested.

I offer Cortez + 2 Stella. 1 full and 1 0exp for Swidz Cr and exp. pm me for a faster response

tuesday 28/06/2011

Just some piranas i wanna buy

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