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saturday 02/10/2010

I would like to trade Winifred for Maeva, Sunnygoat or Colin

Mods please close. Thank u

Admins please close this thread

Selling 0 xp jay for 19k

(feel free to just pm me and we can bargain but i will not always give you the price you want. especially if youre looking for it to be under 18k i will definitely not give it to you.)

Mods please close

I search 5 stars no full for 600 head in my sales deprived

thanks to moderating

I need 1 Vickie Cr max xp. I offer 140 000 clintz.

If anyone has a spare lamar cr , please pm me

Buy one lv 1 Praxie for 8000 clintz

Mods Now please close

Selling Max Level Jane Ramba for 8850. Buy at the market before it is gone

Hi I'm looking to trade my full vortex clan all 0exp for a miss twice cr it would be nice if she's 0exp but a full would do fine. Also I'm open to other offers of trades with high priced cards or crs.(ps I don't want kolos)
so pm me your offer or post here which ever fits you best.
Thank you for reading an thank you mods for posting


Sylth + 90 000 Clintz
For Lamar ( Only lamar )

Trading Vickie Cr, Tanevera Cr and Dagg for a Tessa Cr

Anyone willing to sell vickie to me for 150 if so please pm me

Anyone got a vickie i can buy gor 150k if u do please cobtact me

Please close thank you smiley

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