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saturday 19/03/2011

Hello i will like to trade for a Marlysa Cr
0exp Dregn -47k
0exp Jay- 14k
Kolos- 47k
0exp Thaumaturge Cr- 97k
Selsya Cr - 96k
Beltran Cr- 128k
Miss Twice Cr - 114k
Splata Cr - 230k

Total is about 773k

marlysa Cr is about 780k

Pm me we can talk about a deal.

Thanks mods

friday 18/03/2011

Still looking for some offers?].

16,500? smiley

Still looking for trades.....anybody out there *echo's*

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I can trade sigmund cr+30 chiara + jackie cr for marlysa cr

Thank you smiley
hopefully i get someone who wants it

I offer you 2 robb cr 0xp + 1 azgroth 0xp for the 40 ulrich

I know it's not Geuner Cr, but i can offer 3 Diyo Cr 0exp !! what do you mean ?!

Clintz depending on market price, can be more than 20k or can get less to equal the price.


I trade my c beast 0xp vs olfgn 0xp
THX mod smiley

Selling edwin for 2000 clintz

I said i don't know how much compl. i'm new in tese things...

GamersRemote, please use this section of the message board to post questions like this, thanks.


Isn't one of those formerly mine? smiley

Anyways, you considering taking anything else other than Piranas?

I resposed you in mp smiley other offers?

I only have what is on the list up for trade

thursday 17/03/2011


I'm looking for 1x Striker, 1x Sylth and 1x Emeth any xp. smiley

I'm offering my GraksmxxT 0xp plus a compliment in clints to be determined. smiley

Thanks mods for posting.

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