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tuesday 08/02/2011

No we would love you at villain destruction

We would love to have you join California Style!


He said speak not spell smiley

Hi all

koinzell guild wars

New guilde, open to everybody ... just to rule the world....
When the first reports of the Chaos Plague begin to appear in the fringe settlements of the Empire, they are dismissed as fanciful tales conjured to frighten away unwanted visitors. When the plague appears in the streets of Altdorf, however, the situation changes completely. By the time the Emperor issues his first quarantine order, the vile disease has already spread across most of his lands. The Empire's doctors work day and night to combat the sickness, but the plague defies all efforts at a cure.
Victims of the Chaos Plague first experience tiredness, aching, soreness and extreme thirst. Bouts of nausea follow, but it takes nearly a month to reach the final stages of the disease. It is only then that the horrific nature of the plague is made clear; those unfortunate souls who have experienced plague symptoms for three to four weeks begin to change, transforming into fiendish Chaos mutants that savagely attack any living creature that they see.
Those lucky enough to avoid contracting the plague are often killed by the savage monsters spawned from it. With each passing month, the death toll mounts. Emboldened gangs of brigands roam the countryside, looting, burning and killing at will. The scope of the tragedy is almost unparalleled in the history of the Empire, but the Chaos Plague is merely a precursor to a much greater evil yet to come.

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monday 07/02/2011


We are looking for 1(one) dedicated member to complete our family/alliance.There is no level requirement to join because we're looking for determination.Must be able to bring in at least 5000 bp in a month.Must be type 1 player. Must be competitive.

We run events constantly with prizes at stake.We even set goals for Guild Member where they may have a chance to earn a card they may have been looking for.

Brownie Points!:
If you have a laid back personality and can take a joke, no matter how terrible it may seem.
If you are a Rescue player.
If you are a Bangers player.
If you are a Sentinel player.
If you hate Uppers..

please, contact me if interested.


Hey hey , join Villain Destruction man....By the way nice pic.....How do you feel about Torres?

Hey guys!

I've been playing Ur since December 25, 2010!
I want to meet new people and I want to know what they think about this game. Is it great? What are the up's and downs..

And guys please comment on my avatar, I made it myself, It's the 2nd avatar that I made =) Thank you!

Come check out spirits of erom smiley

If your a huge transformer fan/nut like myself and MUST have everything Transformer related....here's your chance to join the top most up and coming guild and most official & organized looking(My personal opinon)! Send a guild invite my way, and I will see if you are Decepticon worthy.. Make sure you read the guild requirements before joining..
Guild is new and currently lacking some higher level players, so help build us up and beyond any other Decepticon guild!
I play every style... tournament to ELO

sunday 06/02/2011

Join it's a fresh guild and a lot promising so join!smiley

saturday 05/02/2011

Still looking for members...

We are looking for old and new players alike!

Tired of people trying to join their guild just to be a stepping stone up the food chain? Just want to play the game, make friends, and not have to do anything else that you don't want to do? Then guild:1212413 is the guild for you!

We have admin slots open for those looking for a position of power or just player slots for those who just want to play the game. Join now! Join fast! Soon our doors will be closed!

Be a part of the guild:1212413!

Don't tell them they'll have a chance to meet you donga, we want to get people not push them away smiley
In all seriousness though, if your aussie and level 18 or over, join up you'd be crazy not too. We're like a giant family and we're all really active.

Come on anyone please,
i have only one day to make it active.
I need only 3 members. everyone can be admin and if you are Level +40 up, you will be the founder smiley I promise !
Free clintz, deck help, fun , trainig etc will be givel . also lottery and cometitions. !
Are you interesetd now ?

Go to - http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1243069
Sexy Pussycat acedamy

friday 04/02/2011


thursday 03/02/2011

I think that it's a good guild people come on help the guy out

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