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thursday 30/09/2010

Your ongh + 4k for my jay oxp?

wednesday 29/09/2010

I would like to buy these cards for 10% less then the market price now.
Also if these card had 0xp aswell.

The cards i would like are:

Just pm with your lowest price that i could buy it for.

Milton is gone...jessica is left!!!!



Come on guys. Give Babs a break. smiley

Besides, it really is that hard to come around a card signed by a specific admin moreover form Fraggle.

And the card is already sold so that's the end of it. smiley

For 1.050.000

listen offerts of changes.

@Awsda: sorry I can not accept.


I sell my sum sam cr 0 exp.
I'm searching tessa cr, vickie cr, lamar cr, smokey cr + cards (cr or non cr) or money.
Thanks to the mods.

I am trading a Mona for a Blaaster PMme for if you want to trade

Will someone trade me there Tessa Cr for Vickie Cr and Tanaevara Cr and Hikiosan

Hello i sell my marlysa cr full for 650.000 clintz or 670.000 if you offer clintz+cards

thank modsmiley

3000 Clintz for each Petra 0xp. Put them in my Private Sales.

Tkanks smiley

Vortex is worth about 60k now. That list is before dregn was released.

Someone already took Sum Sam Cr off my hands.

Mods, please close. Thanks. smiley

30 mins left hurry upsmiley

I'll buy it for 21000 clintz.

@head i'm not buying the cards above except for smokey cr. my priority is to trade my bulk cards preferably for those above and add clintz if needed.

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