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tuesday 21/06/2011

Hi guys, im looking to buy an ambre, for 22 436, its a few clintz short, but i wanna find someone generous enough to sell me one smiley

thanks mods

Don't be so hard Merlin! smiley
Nice job on the calculation (assuming its correct of course) smiley
But hey, you never know if someone will accept this. It never hurts to ask, even if it IS a bit spread out.

If you haven't posted this on the french forum, I suggest you do. smiley

I want to trade this cards

[EXCH] + title
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Trading my charlie full for your kolos

thanks mods

Please Pm me for faster Response, I will respond to all.
No spammers please.
I will negotiate on trade value, but not clintz value.

This actually belongs in strategy tactics and general. We can talk via pm

Ok i will give you Tanaereva Cr for Vickie Cr only ok

Anyone interested?

Ill buy your Vickie for my Jim CR + the remaining clints

pm me for the fastest response

Will you accept jackie in place of tanaerva?

I want vickie cr!
i have:
34 ulawele
10 cherries
jackie cr
gina glitt
frankie hi

I am your man like said WTZ but u have to reduce the price smiley
contact me, i have a lot of copie of Pastor 0 xp cash and more stuff interesting but i don't want them to this price like i said,
I trade Selina 0 xp about 6K5 so u can contact me if you want,
It's upp to you smiley

Good luck !

Sold! u can close thank u and sorry for the work

monday 20/06/2011

Ill trade my caelus cr and 5k in cards for your dagg and dregn

Swidz Cr is now happley owned by me so that deal is off. The other 2 are still on though. smiley

Hi allsmiley
buy the miss or tana for my jackie cr and clintz or card...
contact by pm
thnks Modsmiley

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