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friday 24/09/2010

Pm'ing me would be the fastest way to contact me. smiley

I sold it already through private message thank you for your interest though

The Angie for sale can be seen on the market right now - I listed them all at 5000 each for viewing purposes only.

4500 pm please.


Vermyn N 1*, 2* or3* with 300 xp max - 13,5k.

Sold already, thx mods

I can get you Clara and Baby Q

thursday 23/09/2010

Pm me, i can work something out


Private sell me them

Thanks Mods smiley.

The reason why you have to be specific, is so that some players wont spam the thread with unreasonable offers, pretty logical?

I'd be willing to trade him. But you would need a couple more cards to throw in. like one or two

I would like to trade my Sigmund CR, Tanaereva CR and Kreen CR for a Dragan CR.

I'm looking to buy an Ambre for around 19kish smiley
PM me or post here.

You have everytime so many fair trades to offer and still nearly none wants to give away his/her cards smiley if I would have a Vickie, I'd put it in your PS, but i think your not intrested in a Tanaereva or a Kerozinn cr smiley

Got Him, thanks for Joh-ker smiley

The punishment will stay as is. And it is a ban for scamming.
And yes, agreed with FAST IS FUN and _rabble_
I will close the thread now and I will prune all the unnecessary stuff.
If anyone has any more concerns or suggestions regarding the sanctions for scams or scamming through auctions, my mail is open, or you can contact customer support.

Please just put it on my Private Sales. Please and Thank You.

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