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thursday 31/03/2011

I am looking for a Lao Cr Oxp or full... 650K cash..

interested?? pm me!!

thx mods

Well.. this is too confused for everyone, close the threat plz is better
and sry for the problems ...

I'll do the trade if you want.

Close please

For a lil below market price (38k)

I'll give you 49,000 for it.

Forgot to mention that i prefer cr's in trade, i'm looking for playable ones such as caelus cr, jackie cr, or alec cr, with clintz to make up the difference of course.


wednesday 30/03/2011

Sold . could clos . Thanks mod

Title says it all, 11 0xp Ahkab for sale or trade, would like 10.5k for each

Yeap, so predictable

I value him at around 90k, so offer somewhere around that
I prefer some CRs (0-200k price range, ofc I add stuff if its higher than alec), or some NB lots (the good cards, no stuff like Gudvibz or anything), but really if you have a good offer, anything will apply

Thanks mods

Looking to sell Mona (Full XP) and/or Emeth (Full XP)

Mona - 11500 (or nearest offer, with market fluctuations)
Emeth - 18400 (same as above)

PM if interested, or have a similar offer. smiley

100 ector for robb and leviatonn

Hello All smiley

I am looking for a Dragan Cr & a Tessa Cr smiley

I am willing to pay cash or trade for them...... I value Dragan at 550k & Tessa at 350k smiley

For trades I can offer bulks of GraksmxxT, Caelus Cr, Jackie Cr, and Kolos smiley

Please pm me or post your offer here smiley

Thanks Mods as Always for Posting smiley

Hey hey I am after an Alec Cr and I have the following cards to offer:
Smokey Cr, Wardom, Lin Xia, Leviatonn, Marina, Liu, Chiara, Praxie, Robb Cr, Azgroth, Glorg- Not willing to part with all, but send me a Pm to further negotiate.

Dragan Cr max for 660k
pm me

I will trade yours herman 0xp for cr, tell me the price and i will give you my offer

I will sell for 54500 Clintz. On market now.

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