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tuesday 23/11/2010

Sent you a PM. Please let me know.

Bersekgirl cr 0 exp+ lao cr full + kerozinn cr 0 exp

Exactly fast is fun
i agree with fast is fun

I bought it.

u may close the thread, mod.


Send me a pm with your offer if you got Dregn and wanna sell it or exchange for some cards.

Your funny smiley

Will buy Ghumbo for 25k
Send me a trade or PM me.

Ghumbo 20k.
i have 90k clintz. any you want to sell that belows in market price. PM ME :>

Anyone i can trade some of my cards if u want too like mona rowdy and manny more

I'm offering a full xp Azgroth smiley

Anyways if your interested, send me a pm

monday 22/11/2010

Want to be manly? Buy stanly!
Want to be manlyer than the guy who brought stanly? Buy 5 of them smiley
Looking for 12 000 clintz, all 0xp, Pm me or reply here if interested
Thanks smiley

Will pay 2000 for her pls.

Thanks Mods

Buying ghumbo for 30k

Im selling my 0exp Tanaereva Cr for 99k. clintz only please. PM for an instant response

thanks mods

115 clintz per card / tete i buy all kind of cards.

Just send them to private sale .ALL CARDS no matter price level ect 115 clintz per card

Ok ill do that are you trading ambre for ghumbo or do you want ghumbo for ambre please pm me quickly as you can


triple m123smiley

Lol, I remember, when I first started in 2008, I actually brought 10 x Vickie, then she wasnt a CR yet. And I don't even know, But guess what? In a swish I sold allof them for the market price then at 8K lol, stupid me, now its worth 200K!!

Not worth it, Kolos 37K, those both together is a bti more than 40K

I trade u Smokey CR and Oshitsune for Kolos?

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