sunday 29/08/2010

Oh well thank you Artemis-EVO, but my 0xp copy has been sold.

Blaaster +1k for ur dagg (may negotiate a bit over this, but ain't got much more clintz)

Please close threads mods...everything is sold

Close thread please mods smiley

Close this please mods

190k smiley

@ chinesebrother

sorry, no thanks

anyone else?

@ man u 1201: no thankssmiley

@ CivicPup: if you are not interested or you don't understand don't write here please smileysmileysmiley


31 0 xp Jonas, individually the lowest price is 300 each, im selling them for 310 each (its good deal cause you cant buy them all for 300...)

Selling for 9600, will sell for 10,000 by adding 7 (full xp) ones message me for quick responce

Alec cr is gone...please close thread mods...thx

Will trade jautya for titus timber and hugo all max up

Will trade 5 leaders for 500 a piece

No prob!smiley

Selling 9 full xp Taljion, selling for 9k (1k each) message for faster responce

I got 138k and bought him closing down time smiley

Closeded =~P smileysmileysmiley


I have a 0xp alec cr smiley just pm me...dont think he is going anywhere

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