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thursday 27/01/2011

Thats why your not there anymore

^implyign there are only 2 guild in this thread smiley

Reached 1200 ELO any Guild want to attempt to look at me lol

That was from 07 I made this one in 08 since a year passed and the password is long gone but the account is still out there

Join our breath today we help young players grow and stivefor even goals

wednesday 26/01/2011

We speak English and PT in my guild come to guild:1232567
It's exactly what you want, We have games, event's, and much more.

tuesday 25/01/2011

They dont send invites you go to the guild page and apply

Decided to try HD if doesnt work Ill be back to LFG

Haha wtf is that? smiley

Im looking for a guild im new to the game but im lookng for a guild that'll help meincrease my deck and ill help by doing what is said

Mods please close he has chosen a guild

Once, twice, three times High definitionsmiley We like a good chatsmiley

monday 24/01/2011

I Think I've Made My Decision. CLose Please. smiley

Whoa Dark Horses ~~VaNiShEd~~

sunday 23/01/2011


Join ppl guild:1231544


@rubo i was in OC i can't go back
@saim no thanks
@forunon i'm not that immortal xD
@vincentazzz what???

Close please already found a guild

saturday 22/01/2011

Everybody's welcome to Join guild:1212413


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