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saturday 12/02/2011

Up Please.....as I am still entertaining offers smiley

I got a seldnor cr and kerozinn I would like to sell both around 240k but will trade for a kolos, A'award cr and reine cr if you would like to make some type of deal PM me thank you

Too bad smiley

1 smokey for 1 graks?

Yes he must
He is currently very expensive good luck

I agree with Thor. Now if the offer was 199, that would be different.

Put them in a private sell to me and I buy you all of them smiley

Like the title say i need a tanaereva cr and here what im will to trade to get him
6 Noodile Cr
pm me if intrested thx mods

Please send me a personal msg so we can negotiate in private. thank you!

Elya cr and sigmund cr gone

I am looking for at least 50000 clintz and 12 to 18k in cards.
ps this is negotionable to some extent.

Thanks, Thurstkiller

friday 11/02/2011

Cards i am willing to trade;
alec cr
all of skeelz
and edd

message me privatly for quicker response, i only have 3.6k in clintz so i can only really trade these cards...
if these cards dont add up to 195k then i have zatman and mona

Oh and ill add a jackie cr

Just send em and I'll buy them

Buying Lao for 600,000

As the title suggests, the trading cards that are, Arkn, Draheera, Elke, Leviatonn, Methane, Rolph, Toro, XU52 and z3r0 D34d for Wee-Lee Lulabee-Gabrielle-Stanly-Nanook Hikiyousan-Buck-and-Miss Lulabee 2000 clintz I accept only these
Thanks mod
Contact me in private

Title says it all pm me if you wanna sell

Thanks Mods

Im getting jipped if i take this deal

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