monday 22/02/2016

I'm interested in joining your guild, are you still recruiting?

saturday 20/02/2016

If you just wanna be yourself join Rebel Republic.

friday 19/02/2016

Well the name is risdmac or just Mac for short.
I'm 28, Irish and work at an office job.

As the title says Im just testing the waters to see whats out there.

I would consider myself active (to an extent).
I play the odd few minutes here and there at work when I can sneakily get away with it as well as in the evenings and weekends.

I am looking to possibly join a guild of nice, friendly people where I can chat about the game and strategies and miscellaneous items.

I generally play off my phone, but as of yet cant figure out how to view the forums unless I am at a computer, so a PM might be easier to contact me rather than the forum post.

If you like the look of me, pop me a message I guess, I'll try not to bite... smiley

wednesday 17/02/2016

Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
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monday 15/02/2016

The Hip Hop Messiahz would be glad to have you! We're super relaxed. smiley

Welcome to Blood Élément..

ThIs Guild is open for everyone no matter what country he/she belong or what is his/her age.....
even if you are a bad player(ELO 1300 or DT Wins etc... ) or Good... the Doors of This Guild is Open...
This Guild is all About having fun.. making friends, Helping each other in the game... and all that good stuff..
The members in this guild will be like FAMILY.. If there is an issue Between members We Will solved it like a Family...
Cause thats what a guild is all about... FRIENDS AND FAMILY... !!!



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sunday 14/02/2016

Best of luck, and glad to have you back on UR! =)

saturday 13/02/2016

We're always expanding, join the family if you think you're wise enough smiley

monday 08/02/2016

Contact me.

sunday 07/02/2016

hot 47 messages

" Be respectful to everyone,"
"Don't be harsh or rude,"
"Easy right!?"
No rules broken right

ya right you broke all the rules above and beyond, 14 to 18yr no difference, I have moved on and making sure to protect LOD. The team is well established no need to prove anything. Your concern is zero of importance, there is no need to comply with anything. Once again good luck with the issues

Hi there, you're on the right track for recruiting, but you need to follow the guidelines we have provided.


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saturday 06/02/2016

Order Of The Knights has recruited me into their ranks.

Consider this topic closed!

monday 01/02/2016

Hi I'm Paul and I returning back to this game after 2 years of crazy real life stuff. Im amazed at the changes here and cards and love to join a guild to help me up to date on some stuff. Thank you smiley P.s: I'm also a brony

sunday 31/01/2016

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Hey,I'm Teo,17 years old guy from Greece looking for a fun and active guild.
I returned to the game after a 2 months and half break cause of real life issues
PM me or post below

monday 25/01/2016

Thanks Cis for the correction.
If there is one person in this game who truly deserves to e admin (forget mod), it is you, my brother!smiley

friday 22/01/2016

monday 18/01/2016

You might want to join a really awesome active guild like Open Casket lowkey

saturday 16/01/2016

Hey, here is a new project of guild and we choose you to join us, make your choice, here you can evolve and ask for help in the game modes from our administrtion, in the forum will be a lot of different topics, if you want to be better in this game, this is your place.


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monday 11/01/2016

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