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tuesday 05/04/2016

Yay anime! Anime fans are always good

Yami No Guild

friday 01/04/2016

smileyIf you want you can PM me, I make avatars and I know good avatar makers

sunday 27/03/2016

Hi my name is Khalil Reese I have been on U.R sense 2010 and after being in some Guilds I decided to make my own guild. There are rules but I put that on the guild page so come on down to The Gentlemen's guild. link is here http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=0

saturday 26/03/2016

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id=0 sorry forgot this

thursday 17/03/2016

We love to have you as well if your picking a guild.
well theirs new arcade more with new ld's you can get from it but super expensive.
plenty to do kind of

don't know how long you been gone so i give a ruff version
an leader war's
many many changes have been happening.
thers Rebirth cards now same old card different art that's all. makes them super expansive. no one knows why they doing that. or i don't really other then for money probably.

an if i known you were coming back i throw a party with a cake streamer's an taco bell an subway an McDonald's an whoooo......

welcome back how you learn every thing that's changed easily not many have.

wednesday 16/03/2016

Hello everyone old and new, this is my first time making a guild so i would like everyone to bare with me. I have come across many guild in my years of playing and never really felt like "Wow this is the one." I am here to say that this guild will have much communication and fun activities. I will keep in communication with everyone on a somewhat daily basis to go over strategies, deck ideas and we will have some practices so that plays may get to know other guild members. If you are looking for a guild to call home, look no further because you found it. Our goals are to become the top guild in all game modes and feel like we are making our mark in this community. All levels are welcome, apply today. Thank you guild:2052770

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saturday 12/03/2016

Lol dude i kinda remember your old nickname, good to know i gave you ur first experience of a friendly Guild smileysmiley

Dang it small work aint it smiley

monday 07/03/2016

Youre welcome to join my group smiley

sunday 06/03/2016

Salvete, omnes! I created a new clan, called guild:2052620. The theme is the language of Ancient Rome, also known as Latin. Anyone of any level is welcome, and I won't force you to speak Latin, but is encouraged. So whether you speak Latin, teach Latin, are taking Latin, or just think learning some Latin would be fun, join this guild! Again, it's very casual, and I will let anyone of any level join, and I won't kick you out for not being good enough at ELO.

I'll have to get more creative with recruiting it seems

It's 8 years an 4 months lol

saturday 05/03/2016

Good luck jade smiley

monday 29/02/2016

sunday 28/02/2016

My bad I would've added you as soon as you applied but I was watching the latest episode of dragonball super and wasn't paying attention lol http://gogoanime.io/dragon-ball-super-episode-33

saturday 27/02/2016

Same from our end, Tobias. smiley

tuesday 23/02/2016

To write link:


guild Id in your case = 2052396

monday 22/02/2016

I'm interested in joining your guild, are you still recruiting?

saturday 20/02/2016

If you just wanna be yourself join Rebel Republic.

friday 19/02/2016

Well the name is risdmac or just Mac for short.
I'm 28, Irish and work at an office job.

As the title says Im just testing the waters to see whats out there.

I would consider myself active (to an extent).
I play the odd few minutes here and there at work when I can sneakily get away with it as well as in the evenings and weekends.

I am looking to possibly join a guild of nice, friendly people where I can chat about the game and strategies and miscellaneous items.

I generally play off my phone, but as of yet cant figure out how to view the forums unless I am at a computer, so a PM might be easier to contact me rather than the forum post.

If you like the look of me, pop me a message I guess, I'll try not to bite... smiley

wednesday 17/02/2016

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