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monday 18/04/2011

This can be closed. Thank you

Together 14000 clintz
separate 7300 clintz each

First come first serve

Looking to trade my Elya Cr for Tessa Cr, and will make up the difference in cash.

My Elya Cr is full XP.

Please PM me for trade, I use modded trades and will only consider fair offers for both sides. Thanks mods.

I want to trade your Buck, Gaia, Hammer and Marina for Akendram, Olga, Grudj and others card you want!

Put a list here with the cards you may want to trade for this four cards or send me PM with that list!smiley

Rise to 5400 Clintz

Title says it all, I am willing to trade for bulk of Ivana, or will buy about 20 at 180 clintz

Ill trade 7x herman + 25k for YOUR kolos
14x herman + compliment for YOUR kolos

I do not have that much clintz, but I am a surebuyer if someone could sell me a Jackie CR for only 77K clintz. THanks!!!

sunday 17/04/2011

Page Cr for 50k

mail me

I have the card - close please smiley

Already trying the French forum as well.Thank you

Hi i want to trade my Skullface Cr (146k at the moment).
Tanaereva (137k at the moment) would be nice but i accept other cards or clintz too.
Just PM me if you are interested.


Lyse is now by 7,5M and guru is by 7M
give me 500k and we can trade

We will REFUSE all subjects without tags.


[TRADE] + title
Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for.
Write the name of the card/s you want to give in return.

Yep I feel bad for being too poor to afford her before she went cr, but now I'm finally rich enough to afford her by trading everything I have
Anyways I offer:
2 Shaakarti 0xp
5 Deea 0xp
2 Noodile Cr (some xp lv 1)
2 Pyro max
ty mods

How much selina 's for a jackie cr Oxp? and how much for a caelus cr?

I am willing to trade Tanaereva Cr + Splata Cr for your copies of GraksmxxT.
(Please pm me instead of leaving a message here)

Thank you....

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