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saturday 15/01/2011

High Definition


friday 14/01/2011

And now recruitment is over smiley

Thanks to everyone who joined and made the guild so much more active, and a big thanks to myself for making the awesome video, it wouldnt have been possible without me, and me only smiley There may be no 'I' in team but there is definitely a 'me' if you mix the letters around smiley

well seriously, thanks to all the members of OC for helping keep this thread active and welcoming all the new members in a friendly manner, and thanks to the OC admins for having to put up with so many messages of people applying, especially those low level newbies that just always seem to apply smiley

BTW, 14th of Jan, OC's 3rd anniversary smiley

This is elchew signing out smiley Please close

My guild is still looking for more members.

Join us were super crazy.- The Honey Jars

thursday 13/01/2011

He join the high definition guild......unknown he says smiley

Please review -

Close please

wednesday 12/01/2011

tuesday 11/01/2011

Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

Thanks guyz.
sorry coldlad. i dont like new guilds because they most of the time turn inactive.

Alright, so here is the role play I just made! I am a man... NO! A dude... Yeah... Ok, so I am a dude who just made a thread with the [RP] in its title. I walk up to a candy store and, umm... I am sort of improvising here. smiley
I walk up to a candy store and- NO! A flaming candy store! Yeah, that would work! And I ask the owner (that's you), "If I stole your toilet paper, would I find any movie scripts on them?"


Save Artamise the trouble

monday 10/01/2011

smileyOr would you?


Very active and a fun atmosphere to be in

sunday 09/01/2011

We are the best of the best and will destroy anything in our paths. Many will try to over power us but we will still stand strong. If you think you can handel anything that gets in your way, this guild if for you.
"We see, We take, We destroy."

1. Must be active in the message boards
2. Must speak English
3. Must be atleast level 25

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