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tuesday 25/01/2011

Haha wtf is that? smiley

Im looking for a guild im new to the game but im lookng for a guild that'll help meincrease my deck and ill help by doing what is said

Mods please close he has chosen a guild

Once, twice, three times High definitionsmiley We like a good chatsmiley

monday 24/01/2011

I Think I've Made My Decision. CLose Please. smiley

Whoa Dark Horses ~~VaNiShEd~~

sunday 23/01/2011


Join ppl guild:1231544


@rubo i was in OC i can't go back
@saim no thanks
@forunon i'm not that immortal xD
@vincentazzz what???

Close please already found a guild

saturday 22/01/2011

Everybody's welcome to Join guild:1212413


Plz join guys

Please post on the original one instead of creating a new one.



friday 21/01/2011

Guild:1108029 would love to have you! Great people and active message boards :].

Thankyou, anyways anyone lvl 40+ can joinsmiley

We are up and comers and ELO tournament players we are looking for people who get on and PLAY we can show the world what were made of join now and become a star.

Are you asking yourself why this clan is right for you? Well we want new and old players we will have guild tournaments once a month or more. We will offer ideal trades in the forms for guild members. and best of all find new friends while playing.

If you are the first 3 players to protect from deletion of the clan you will have untill 2013 befor thay can be kicked out for in acctivity. Others clan mates it is 3 months without getting out Urban rivals.

Use the link below and become a part of guild history as one of the original member.


PS: First and for-most Urban rivals is for fun and thats what we want to get you involved in.


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Come on in and enjoy the casualness

We are looking for players that are playing on a regular basis, We will gladly accept low level players and high level we will gladly help with deck construction if you need help or advice and we will gladly try to help out in any way we can. The guild was formed for players that play Vortex but even if you don't and you play votex and play the other clans we still could use your strength to help strengthen our guild and to also work at winning tournaments and to become one of top five guilds in The Urban Rivals guild. THE VORTEX WANTS YOU!

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