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monday 11/10/2010

Sorry my computer messed up i mean't Kuei and candice for estalt and Nerfiniti

Pm me. I offer 600 000 clintz.

Thanks. Got what I wanted smiley. Please close this thread mod smiley

I want to trade my miss Twice Cr + 2 Dorian 0xp for a Jim Cr full xp


Terry Cr 205 0 exps
Some crs i like
Tessa Cr full exp(max of 1)
Vickie Cr 0 exps
Tanereva Cr 0 exps
Alec Cr 0 exps
Splata Cr(full exp max of 1)
.....and others

Buy your Mawpin for 800
put it in my private sale!~thankssmiley

Same except for the ones mentioned on Satuardy 9/10/10

As the title says, I am buying a lot of cheap 2 star cards which are 0EXP
Buying range is around 100 to 200

Selling Seldnor Cr for 37800
or I could trade Seldnor Cr + 1 - 1.5k card for kolos smiley

+ 7000 clintz in cards. price is negotionable

sunday 10/10/2010

Buying both Oscar and Flesh Pimp for 1k


Man kolos' price just keeps rising and rising =) how much higher can it go ?

Looking to trade my marlysa cr 0xp for smaller crs like vickie cr,splata cr,etc.
She is currently valued at 680k on the market.
PM me if you are interested.

Selling one lvl 5 ambre for 24k first message on here will get it this price is nonnegotionable and thank u

Pm me offer pls.. No absurd deals pls. Ty

Looking for Serena for 12,000

Buy your Nistarok for 2500~
put it in my private sale

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