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friday 30/07/2010

Have you ever considered he no longer uses this thread?

I would try the french forums lol.

I'm selling nellie for 1450 for now.
contact me if you need me.

Nvm, the topic is not closed

Still thats roughly 9000 i bouthgt my gil for 11000

Elchew Jr_OC is in the lead with 710 clints a piece
Good Luck smileysmileysmileysmiley

I will buy kobalth 10k clints. for 2 reasons
1. its all i have
2. its probrably going to be like a 3-5k card in 1 week
so pm me or put in my private sales.

Elea - 900
Somba - 500

Now Tradin 20 Taljion for 16 Mawpins

PM me for a possible trade on this one please.....smiley

I need C Blade for 400 clintz. (any level, preferably level 1, 0xp)

And full Vermyn N to your Tanaereva

PM me if interested.
Thanks mods. smiley

Hello what the title says the 15 mawpins all together are worth 22k i would like for them... kerry, cliff, marco,aroura

thanks mods

I'm searching for one of this 2 cr.

On the market now
Kero -->108k clintz
Vickie ->106k clintz

My offer will be money+cards
The cards i can offer are Tana, Hikikyou, Jay, Ghumbo.


Sigma update 2700 each 75600

Anybody, I am interesting and open at any auctionnegotiation, thanks

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Sorry already sold

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