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thursday 28/10/2010

Sold closing

Miss Twice Cr full lvlt for 100 000 clintz or Tanaereva Cr any lvl+clintz
(add to friends and leave a message)

I want nahi cr
pm me whenever u want

wednesday 27/10/2010

pm me if interested

I want to sell or trade 236 copies of angie, they are almost all full xp

The price is 2000-2500 for card, so, make your offers. smiley

Pm me for a faster response smiley

Thanks MOD

Thread closed

70000c + 3 copy of C Beast (all LV4).

PM me if u wanna sell ur Vickie Cr.

"70000c+3 of C Beast(all LV 4)" to buy/trade your Vickie Cr.
PM me

KOLOS for 49k
Jackie for 38k

I only like some multiples of
tomas , aylen , chiara , caelus and jay

tuesday 26/10/2010

If he doesn't, I will

100,000 clintz pm me if interested!smiley smileysmileysmileysmiley

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