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tuesday 29/06/2010

Final offer Sylth + 4000 Clintz for your 0 exp Jackie

I trade the next cards
askai, buba, niva, odile, ongh, pegh, radek and methane
all 4 your tanaereva

Il pay 6000 clintz for one of the 2 unccomon vortex cards.

Mods please close smileythank you

I can trade some cards if needed and offer a lower amount of clintz

monday 28/06/2010

Close pls , got it

Sell to Victor I found another offer thanks though!

Close please. Ty.

TT_OC has won the full set of 0 xp jeto. Thanks for bidding, you can lock this.

How bout fr a kolos please pm me if yes

Ill send it to u anyway

Please Closed

Also, I would ideally like to buy Page Cr for 21k, and Nahi Cr for 56k (assuming I can find the last bit for Nahi).

Iam selling
pm me if you wanna buy them

60k for u miss twicr

I'd like to offer you 60k for the lot

Iam hoping to sell him
for about 2k
if your instreded pm and well sourt somt out

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