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monday 12/07/2010

Het LoA_Lol, if you actually want to find a wardom for a normal deal,you should give about +500 clintz

I have
7 0xp tremprphs
and 1 full xp tremorph
i'm looking for some mawpins/sigmas
offers are negotiable in my private messages or right down there smiley

smiley Ima stick with theses for a while

PM-ed you!!

I want your gibson, send it to my private selling.

sunday 11/07/2010

Title says it.
First come, first serve it is.
Just send me a pm, and u will get a priv sale asap.

Sell for 500 clintz
Trade for any Bangers or Ulu watu

Mainly for newbs or those who need to level up new recruits you could also use him for that collection of yours.
He's maxed out so waste no time training him.
Here's an obvious(yet free) tip, to get the most out of Vansaar go to the training room with him and your new recruits and with his 90% team xp and the training bonus you'll always get the same xp if you win or lose

Buy all your 5 * not full for 500 clintz
Only timber and hugo I'm 400 ctz
Thank you

Buying a vickie for 105k clitz, pm me and private sale me if interested. thank you

No sorry, only want marlysa cr. smiley

PM me if u want to sell

I have 100 Taljion's but 67 are 0 xp so that would mean i would like a little bit of a better price
PM me for negotiatons smiley

I can offer a Kerozinn Cr level 3 and a Tessa full xp

For Splata full Xp plus 30k smiley

Make it 3 mawpins and its a deal

This can closed, thnx

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