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sunday 11/07/2010

I have 100 Taljion's but 67 are 0 xp so that would mean i would like a little bit of a better price
PM me for negotiatons smiley

I can offer a Kerozinn Cr level 3 and a Tessa full xp

For Splata full Xp plus 30k smiley

Make it 3 mawpins and its a deal

This can closed, thnx

Kate is selling cards?Where will this money go?

End of July 10 TCGA 0 is winning with 26510 on smokey
12obby winning with 3.6 on PY
and GED_Naruto is winning with terry

I have Miss twice i will trade

I'm pretty sure he meant Ongh, lol. But you could be right too smiley. They're both around 19k Market price, with fluctuations ^-^, Happy business all.

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Bad topic -_-'
I'm sorry smiley

I have contact you for another offer smiley

Space he wants to buy these cards at these prices.

Needed Striker. don't have the money

I'll have Meroo for your 420

I'll do it for 30.250.

I buy Jessie for 2000

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