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thursday 07/10/2010

Fang pi clang

xia leming

Jackie is gone. Thread closed!

Got what i wanted. Thanks.

Bump, i'm still looking for this card.

I will buy one for 35k 0exp or max exp i realy dont care there star lvl at the time i can train it my self its good for the exp to lvl up.

Deal is done.


Exchanged mod u can close the topic tkx

CLIFF 1000
RAETH 2000

No I'm only looking to trade/sell them all together

wednesday 06/10/2010

Close this? Since it only has "Trade" as the title

Buy striker 0xp by 9100 (: mp me thanks
our in case i buy 3 by 27100

Close please i got what i want smiley

Does anyone have a Tessa Cr I am willing to trade my Vickie Cr And clintz and other cards obviously lower the level card I will pay more for smiley

Thank you Salva N smiley

I can add 100 000 clintz in card(map) of the style kolos jey ect jackie...

For the price(prize) really know that he(it) are low, but one never know smiley

For the precision of the list of the card(map) do not hesitate in me MP

It is too long to write everything on the forum smiley


Please close this thread as I have my Rass cr. Thankyou Moderators.

Anyone? XD lol on a related note would anyone sell me a Jane Ramba for 7.5k? please let me know ill do a trade if you dont want to sell but it has to be a trade for both of them or of equal value so let me know

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