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monday 25/10/2010

Looking to buy Melissa Cr, any level, for about 170K in clintz. PM me if you're interested.

Also for trade Marlysa Cr and 4 Kolos

Please in my VP smiley

Send me a message if you're interested. We might work something out where I add some clintz or you add some etc.

If you can sell me Mona at 10k message me. Would also like a Dorian at 7k message me. Or just put them in private auction would really appreciate it.

IM willing to buy it buy cards + clintz

or Pure clintz PM ME for your offers

Up......almost have an offer.........

I am buying any and all Amiral Py Cr. I am paying 4k each. The more u have the more I pay. So if u have 20 Amiral Py, I will pay more than market.

Just set a private sell with the Amiral py at 4k price. If u have 20+ of them msg me first.

Flavio cr + aldebran cr ?

20 smokey cr 0xp for u lao cr

My marlysa cr full + 3000 clinzs for y marlysa cr 0xp if u are oki send it directly in my private

sunday 24/10/2010

Can anyone sell me a jackie (any level) for 30000 clintz?

I"ll buy all cards for 1550

Close please admins

My splata full + 2000 cclinzs for u splata 0xp

if u are oki send it in pv

I Need
2 Chiara, 7800 ea
5 Sandro, 300 ea
2 Praxie, 7800 ea
2 Aylen 3000 ea
and 5 Danae... 400 ea

Ludmilla - 470
Praxie - 8700

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