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sunday 03/10/2010

In alternative 8 mona + 5.000 clintz for 1 tanaereva cr

No need to post here if you have your cards up for auction already smiley

Azgroth 0XP for Wardog and SkrumxxT?

I would like to buy all these GHEIST 0xp
stringe 145
mini mund 300
nina 200
gheistling 150
darth 300

pm me your offer

don't reply hear please
thanks mods

..for a dj korr full + complement.

tnx modssmiley

... If you add clintz maybe, otherwise... useless search smiley

As I have said the deal Is negotiable

And no spam please smiley

I bought them

For C Wing from Vortex, Nobrodoid is also the last non cr card from junkz missing in my collection

Clara for Ditha they are currently the same price... 1700 and Clara truly is the last pussycat I need non cr, I already have all others... Anyways pm me or put in my priv sale if you trust me I will send ditha as soon as I realise

Got Bree still need the remaining thanks pp smiley

All Dreen gone.

I do not need Arkn anymore.

saturday 02/10/2010

I am looking for a copy of Vickie Cr. I offer 4 x Smokey Cr 0xp, 1x Diyo Cr 0xp +40k clintz.

Pm offers for faster responses or post here.


I would like to trade Winifred for Maeva, Sunnygoat or Colin

Mods please close. Thank u

Admins please close this thread

Selling 0 xp jay for 19k

(feel free to just pm me and we can bargain but i will not always give you the price you want. especially if youre looking for it to be under 18k i will definitely not give it to you.)

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