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tuesday 06/07/2010

Close this mods tnx

Im selling/trading
smokey cr

Exosist: Im trading my 2 Zatman 0Xp for Page Cr any level.

85k in cash for 0xp reina cr if you want

I'm thinking that it's not enough smiley

I want to sell Berserkgirl Cr for 780000 or trade her for Marlysa Cr + Lamar Cr. PM me if you interested

Hello !

I am interested in -

Lao CR
Sigmund CR
Dragan CR
Ambrose CR
Ombre CR
Skullface CR
Dwain CR

I can trade the cards for -

Lamar Cr
Guru Cr 0 exp
Rass CR 0 exp
Marlysa Cr
2x Kerozinn Cr
2x Amiral Py Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Alec Cr
Seldnor Cr
Geuner Cr
Nahi Cr
Page Cr
Chad Bread Cr
+ clintz

The value of ELO or T2 playable cards is from my view higher than the market value..

If you are interested in, please send me an offer ! smiley


Looking for Oflgn (or Cyb Lhia )

I have Anibal - Lin XIa and Rolph
Thank you smiley


I think that none would like to trade for Azgroth - it is 500 clintz more expensive !!!

My offer - your 8x Marco , my 3x Ghumbo ... if you agree, let me know ...

monday 05/07/2010

I'll sell for 22k pm me

I've been trying to set up a private sale with a friend of mine and I don't know how to set it up.

You gather them up by selling cards to Kate or completing certain missions, then you use them in the prize draw in a chance to win a Cr. smiley

^ Click here to use them.. If you go to the homepage you will see an icon on the left saying "Lottery win collectors" When you click that it will take you to that link.

Im afraid he has been sold thanks guys
Mods please close

100k in clintz + Alec cr + Shakra for Elya cr

Thx but no thx

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