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sunday 28/11/2010

Want to buy Yayoi @ 9300 clintz each. Put at my ps. Accept till i have enough.

Im looking to buy GraksmxxT for a little below market level (since those arent particularly moving fast)

Im looking to pick one up at around 17,000 if anyone's intrested, or post offers.

saturday 27/11/2010

Looking for Lamar Cr for trade
i have Tanaereva CR, Kreen Cr, Admiral Py Cr, Terry Cr, Chikko Cr

Hi, I buy your 3* 0XP for 200 Clintz each, but only in lot of minimum 10 ! If you have less, I'll take for 180 Clintz. smiley


Smokey 0xp
For Tessa Or Krezinn

I only have 4600 Clintz, unless you're using a nightmare deck You shouldn't need 7000 to part with him, he isn't worth that much his price is just inflated because of the legends mission

I got a dagg............ and a dagg........... 2daggs for kolos smiley

Alright i will take Fifty and 200ctz for my cards

And Thomson for any 3 common, 2 uncommon, or 1 rare Skeelz/vortex, I am making a Skeelz/Vortex deck.

I have mona bogdan and olga to be trade.... pm me if u want

friday 26/11/2010


read the "ALL Auctions MUST be conducted inside the Sales, Pruchases, and Auctions section of the Main Forum.

NO auction will be allowed to take place in a Preset or Event"



Sell/trade my Marlysa Cr 0XP.

I prefer these types of offers:

1) 1 tessa full 1kerozinn full 1 tanaereva full 1 vickie full

2) only cash 750k or cash and cr ups +cards jackie 0xp kolos 0xp

Thanks MOD

One trade completed.
Offer closed for now .

I Did The Trade , Thanks To Mystic Ranger For The Trade.
Close Plz

50 Terry 0xp - 7000 per
50 Amiral Py Cr 0xp- 6000 per

This is what I value my cards in trade for Crs like Armanda,Lao, etc. I am looking more for the undesirable higher Crs. I have clints and cards to add for the Crs.

I dont think this is going to happen. smiley

I have

I want:
C Beast

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