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thursday 08/07/2010

I am looking to buy vickie Cr
looking for a little below market price maybe bout 100-106k
If you can help me pm me or post

Thanks you mods

He is buying those cards...he is not selling any of those cards..

I buy him for 9200 clintz message me

Already have sold.

Close this tnx.

Im payint 185k for her, it a bit under market but its what ill pay

300K clintz message me

Title gives you the jist.

willing to negotiate on price. another 60k cr or may be OK.

Thanks Mods.

Anybody want 0xp marco !

Selling or Trading 135 0xp copies of Hawkins Noel for 135 clintz per card.

Total cost = 18225. I will accept clintz or cards. The only new blood card I am interested in is Angie who I value as 1000 each.

Selling Tana man for 31k
And buying vickie cr For a good price


Looking for several Nightmare and Gheist cards, am willing to go lower than market price for him in sale.

Hello I am Willing to Trade Sigmund cr 0xp For 4 Kerozzin crs Any xp

Willing to Negotiate.
Thanks Mods.
Please Pm me for faster response

wednesday 07/07/2010

2 messages

I'll sell you a maxed out Orlando for 150 clints

Selling Jackie for 21500 Clintz+

PM me for offers

Also if anyone wants a Montana deck:
Prince Jr

PM me for individual offers or take the whole deck for 15.5k clintz.

Thread can be locked/deleted. Got Uranus now.

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