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sunday 13/06/2010

Nvm this is pointless no ones intersted xD

Ill give you kenny kolos striker and mariana + 3k for your 0exp alec cr

Close please, thx smiley

Ulrich is sold

I only have 615 clintz, but i like Pirana cards. So anyone mind to sell me some cheap Pirana cards?
Thanks if you do!

I have all the jungos if you wont to trade pm me

Close please!

I got some piranas if you're interested

You can close this now mods thx

I have petra and will be willing to sell her for any price to you smiley

I will keep this on for three more hours then close it.smiley

As title says selling 41 0 exp sigma 3000 clintz each will only sell as a lot

lot equals 123k

I got caelus and praxie. pm with a price.

Sold and plz close topic

Post here the offers smiley

Helly sorry...it was already sold

Also trade options include a shann maxed, and a terry cr, also if you are willing to make up the difference chad bread is a viable trade

Lookin for Jessie for 2000 clintz or less

Would like to buy card or trade for kero Cr or something don't mind paying the extra to make up deal
thanks mods

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