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friday 02/07/2010

I am selling for 1800 thanks PM offers.

thursday 01/07/2010


I want to sell my Stacey (0 exp) for 2500. PM me if you're interested.

Dont i already got em all .
close plz

I think this must be closed since g-kubaboy said so at 23/06 13:48 smiley

I looking to trade my Sum Sam Cr for:
800.000 clintz
Lamar Cr
Vickie Cr
Tessa Cr
Page Cr

thanks mods

Unagi for Joao ?

Actually never mind, I got another trade going on with it smiley

This thread is becoming very confusing. Please make a new thread with the cards you want to trade and what you want to trade for smiley

/closed got a trade thanks

I offer my
Leviatonn (R), Bristone (U) and Wardom (R)
for ur Wee Lee (U)

Jackie and Zatman for 30k, anyone? smiley

Dahlia- Piranas- 10k take it or leave it smiley

I need cheap. if any1 willing to sell or trade for cheap contact me asap and we will discuss it.

12 Marco 0Xp for 3 Jackie 0Xp?

Sorry, close please, thank yousmiley

wednesday 30/06/2010

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Oh and i forgot. Please close, thanks.

How much you want for Shogunn brah

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