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wednesday 16/06/2010

Close this mods tnx gonna make a new one !!! wrong spelling XD

Jungo's I have:
Niva, Scopica, Wendy, Pegh, Mindy, Buba, Radek, Borss
Rouch price of about 15-17k
Sakrohm I want:
Eris, Graksmxxt, Skrumxxt, Slopsh, Jautya, Uranus, Petra
Rough price of about 24-26k

So obviously my cards arn't enough to get me all the cards i want but im looking for some good bargains for some of the cards in my wishlist... PM me if you have a deal in mind.. Thanks everyone!!

Dont wanna sound mean..... but thats like over 20k difference......

Close mods tnx smiley

tuesday 15/06/2010

This can be closed they are both gone

Thanks mods smiley

Write the exact price you want to sell your card at please. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.

This is not an auction. smiley

Thank you!

The Buba are sold out now!

I'll close this sale as soon as my post appear.
Thank you everybody, especially the mods of english boards! smiley

Yep Catwoman i have the Melissa Cr to trade smiley

Can Anyone Please Sell To Me Any of the CArds in This List for the Said Price:
Shann - 1500
Bogdan - 1500
Eyrik - 1500
Nellie - 600
Rubie - 1000
Selma - 2500
Hawkins - 3500
Dalhia - 5500

i know the prices are really low, but i really need them and im not that rich... if you want to get a little higher pm me your price for a card and we'll talk about it, and please Sell it to me Privately if you approve... again Thanks for the offers

My Morphun Full + Dorian Full + Cassandra Full + Rubi 0xp smiley

Last up.. then i'll close the subject!

Oh please man that s not the way doing business here we see a not fair trade so not good here smileysmileysmiley

To Spreader

So I need these cards. This list is what I currently need, I will try to edit it as often as new cards find their way into my collection.

Dan (C)
Acid DC (C)
Morlha (C)
Vryer (C)
Flyer (C)
Alice (C)
Pulsar (C)
Syd Noze (C)
Samantha (C)
Tobbie (C)
Walden (U)
Miss Ming (U)
Aurelia (C)
Frankie Hi (U)
Flo (U)
Narendra (C)
Wheeler (U)
Naykee (U)
Vinny (U)
Phonos (U)
Stanford (C)
Maamoon (U)
Milovan (U)
Massiv (U)
Miken Moose (C)
Veronica (C)
Ludmilla (C)
Crystal (U)
Otakool (U)
Soushee (C)
Tamy (C)
Wayne Stark (U)
Gastroboy (U)
Tanner (U)
Lewis (C)
Randy (U)
Yusuke (U)
Burt (C)
Kluwn (U)
Eve (U)
Chlora (C)
Oscar (U)
Asporov (U)
Veccio (C)

Thanks to all : )

Try the french message boards. I will translate if you want.

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