thursday 02/12/2010

Join The M.O.B! Active boards, i'm on DAILY!

Masters of Battle

Master rivals is looking for anybody so have your friends join with you

wednesday 01/12/2010

The guild still has some room for people who wish to join us. smiley

Join The M.O.B! I'm on daily also. Lots of GREAT members always willing to Help

Masters of Battle

Dont ask to join.just apply.coz some1 pmed me and he is refusing pms

tuesday 30/11/2010

No join guild=1095193 trust me we are a fun guild and very suppotive currently we have 21 members and are recruiting,They have helped me a lot too smiley We are also very active on the message board.hope you choose us!

Looking for active guild

Hey im founder of Gallifrey and i need members ppl over lvl 30 only plz but i might make some exeptions for lower levels we mostly play tournements and deathmatch so come along and join

We r active and always recruiting

Lol um i am SataniclyMagic.i got him deleted blue.and im already in your guild smiley

Hey Join The M.O.B!

Masters of Battle

monday 29/11/2010

Would you like to join our guild Heaven's Drift Academy?

We are so tough, we don't ever cry! Not even at onions! smiley
I've just made this guild, it is really new. We are looking for some new members, and I was hoping that I could get some here. I hope to see you on the guild message board.
-You must get 750 battle points a month or more
-You must be at least level 15
-You must have a 95% completion rate of battles or higher
-You must not hate on another player
-You must speak English
Here is the link to it: guild:1175800

Or, YOU can join mine lol

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