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thursday 06/01/2011

Join maori we are active, have an active message board, events, battles, giveaways and we could try teach you about elo smiley

Come to Maori smiley we have an active message board a great community and lots of battle and events coming!

We need only one member!if someone wants to join, join today!!

Join now if you wanna have fun, hang out, study strategies, train, get stronger, and help us get to the top!smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

wednesday 05/01/2011

Looking for an active guild that likes to do small guild tournys for fun and share deck ideassmiley

We are still open to all players smiley please join!

Looking for Canadian players who need some help figuring out UR. Level 10+ . Looking for more members for the guild so if your intrested and a proud Canadian... apply!
Canada Rising Guild

Join The Cunning Gambit Academy! We're an active guild, and getting more active, and we're always looking for new players to join our ranks. when you reach level 25 you can move up to The Cunning Gambit. We have really friendly admins who can offer you advice on any game type and we have a thread on our message board devoted to giveaways. so join today!

Thanx Rexxie for the clarification sometimes Wahzoo (who is on my friends list) says stuff that doesnt make sense to me smiley

tuesday 04/01/2011

Please destroy this subject!

Thank you!

Happy New Year!!!smiley


Prologue: The Vortex had traveled back in time in an attempt to change it. Estalt while speaking to Dregn heard stories about the Daleks after bragging about his terrible demons. Dregn mentioned how in The Timewar the Timelords and The Daleks had killed each other of after The Daleks nearly wiped all life in The Universe leaving only 12 planets with life. A tale he said told to him by The last of The Timelords founder of The Vortex on Earth.
Estalt had discounted the tale until noticing his ranks had decreased in power summoned Pan and told of The demonic beigns living in The deepest reachest of The Dark. These beigns were not demons he said. They were something else yet unaffected by the fire.
They were Daleks he said. Estalt attempted to summon one and place it into a body. He failed and summon a Kolos egg instead. Pleasef he went further making a deal with The Gatekeeper to release the last of The Black Daleks. Putting it in a body The Dalek went rouge and was somehow ended up in a new body that looked like a Treasure chest sized black pearl that was found in an abandoned ship by Bloodh.
After a series of events the creature inside had Mayhem forge a Dalekium cannonball and through mind control came into contact with
The Vortex as it had Mayhem shoot it into the Votex headquarters.
The Black Dalek using The Dalekium armor's Timeshift properties switched places with The Terror of The Dalek Empire.
Yes the Supreme Dalek lived!!!!!!

Recruitment drive still ongoing!

Mauri and the 3D are great guilds to join but if you want, you can join Tidal Brigade, we are active, talk alot on the guild message board, have an event next month, and we would love to have you.smiley

monday 03/01/2011

Guild:1171781 ...Need I say anymore?! smileysmiley

Sorry I was just making one to get more people

Hi, we are a new guild focusing on ELO play and looking for new members.

Requirements: Level 15+
Weekly at least 1200 ELO

We offer friendship and team spirit for a better gaming experience and playing improvement.

Link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1075301

Got a little captain in you? Come and show us!

Well were recruiting active members who are in to the game...
our guild needs more men!!
we are active members

all we need is people who likes the game very much and it is active, no matter lv
or experienced you had...

we just NEED SOMEONE to have FUN with!!

and we'll be organizing more and more GUILD EVENTS for you guys to be entertained
that is all



I've moved on to the next guild, and I think my list of guilds to visit is long enough.

Please close. Thanks, mods. smiley

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