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saturday 01/01/2011


friday 31/12/2010


thursday 30/12/2010

Wow nice guild everybody JOIN JOIN JOIN !!!

Hey come join Māori smiley
its an awesome guild.. and number 1 in new zealand
so if u want the best of the best join us
we are fun active and they hav give aways like this one where i swear every 5 posts we get a free card
its actually quite cool

Come one come all to the OWNS4LIFE guild We will all OWN 4 LIFE because that is just the kind of people we are. We are devoted to helping each other become the best we can be. Also we will be having "informal" events because as of yet no members are above level 40
1. Must be Active!!!
2.Try to be active on the guild chats I hate guilds who half of their members don't know the other people.
3. Must be at least level 15( Exceptions may be possible with a personal message to me) then you have a firm grasp on UR and will probably not just quit.

I'd like a US guild that is active all the time. My deck is worth around 40K to 50K Clintz and I have a winning % of around 66%

Your guild already has a recruitment thread

wednesday 29/12/2010

Right now WORLD INDUSTRIES (WI) only has two members me INDUSTRIESMAX and victorbrii,And the next seven to join over lvl 12 will become admins.Also WORLD INDUSTRIES (WI) is a democracy I will change ANYTHING for the goodness of the guild as long as it is something reasonable and you can get enough players to agree,And WORLD INDUSTRIES (WI) is a ladder once you join if you become lvl 50 or if you get 40% of all the characters or if you can get 15 people to join WORLD INDUSTRIES (WI) (whichever comes first you too will become an admin.Also you can ask me (INDUSTRIESMAX) for help with ANYTHING once you become a member.All i ask is for you to give me a chance and join WORLD INDUSTRIES (WI). (P.S.) come check out the guild at guild:1209217

Join The 3D we are a great guild and are advancing in the leaderboards fast. We are very active and helpful. PM me with nay questions. smiley

You should add a link to your guild. smiley


tuesday 28/12/2010

Dude hes already in a guild smiley

We hav lots of guild battles planned as many guilds want to challenge our tittle as best guild in new zealand so we could do with a fighter ;smiley

Join up! Its a great experience. You can get rich quick and become a great player all at once.

This guild already has a recruitment thread

Join guild:1197566

Join the 3D we are a great clan that is rising up. we could really use someone with your experience. please pm with nay quesions

monday 27/12/2010

The reason you are a good rank is because you have a 70+ player visiting....... -.- and it sounds like your bribing from the previous posts.

: 1208098 is a Guild for any player, high level or low. All we are looking for is that you are an active player. We hope to host tournaments and private Guild Activities and Lotteries. Please consider applying.
Please add a link to your guild and post again


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