monday 13/12/2010


sunday 12/12/2010

Hi can i join?

Level 18 only with full Vortex Dregn deck..jus wanna join a guild and have some fun .. pls pm me smiley

Swag Nation is looking for anybody who wants to be the best!

---------------------Why should i join this guild?----------------
- Well for starters this guild has no requirements! Nobody will be rejected for lack of BattlePoints or for having a low level. Plus join at the beginning and you may have Admin. priveledges!!! Isn't that a great reason or what?

--------------------What's in this guild that would benefit me?---------------
- Swag Nation has plenty to offer everyone. The people who join are going to be the best of the best and they will have that determined attitude that will put us on top of the leaderboards.

----------------------HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW?!?!?!?!?!----------------------
- Whoa.... just contact me {SwagCaptain} and i can include you in Swag Nation!
- Or go to

------------------Remember, if your not with us... Your against us smiley-------------


@ swaliksees = This thread is almost a year old smiley

Thank you. do u mind me asking where r u from?
i know its funny, why do the french use nepalese flag? lol smiley

Guild:1171781 would seriously love to have you.You said you liked contests right?Well we're having an event it's so awesome but we haven't started but i played the creator in the practice room and omg you'll love it. So join guild:1171781 today!

Please make a new recruitment thread, following these rules smiley

[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

Close please already found a guild

Yami to the rescue smiley .
Good luck with your guild The Gods Hand smiley

saturday 11/12/2010

Hello... can i join the guild?

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Guild:1187705 Good Luck smiley


friday 10/12/2010

Building quickly... 7 members so far, but still looking for more!

Hi I am looking for a guild that will be willing to take in a new player.
MY past experiences with tcg include: MAGIC, YUGIOH, MAPLESTORY, REN, ALTIEL.

I am looking to play competitively and rise up in ELO. I don't mind spending money if i have to. I use to play Magic and that was a lot of $$$. I have done competitive gaming over the years, now i am looking for something more fun and relaxing.

If any guild is willing to take me in, please let me know. My voice communications include: Ventrillo, Team speak and Skype.

Join KSF as we enjoy each others company in a community that supports one another!! Don't go at it alone because it is so beneficial to have a community in UR!!! APPLY NOW!

Would also be nice to have a link to your guild smiley
Medical Decapitation Clinic

thursday 09/12/2010

Join us now!
We show our opponents pure magic!

We r back with a vengence, we are looking for active players that want to have a good time and join some cool events along the way

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