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monday 20/09/2010

I have a phyllis please close mods.

I'm trading various cards for Charlie
ex. Oyoh Lennox ...

PM to negotiate

Please close

Please post this subject in the Strategy and Tactics: General forum smiley

sunday 19/09/2010

I will take Kang for 850

45 Chloe x Vickie Cr or 40 Ombre Cr...

Wardom + eklore!

Ill trade my lv 3 vansaar for a maxed out bridget
thanks mods

All gone mods please close

I will buy praxie off someone for 3,300 clintz plus 3000 clintz worth of cards pm me if interested smiley it is my favorite card telling by my pic ;p TY mods

Wow his price changes fast close pleasesmiley

Hello, I am willing to trade my Vickie Cr and Swidz Cr for Lamar Cr. Thankssmiley

"Leviatonn , Lin Xia , Toro, XU52 or Seldnor Cr or Cassio Cr or Diyo Cr"


Leviatonn , Lin Xia , Toro and XU52 for Seldnor Cr or Cassio Cr or Diyo Cr

Typo my bad.

Sorry meant my tessa cr plus 0xp lamar cr for yopur dragan cr plus clintz or cards

totally negotiable

Buy Vince 0xp or at least 4*, but not max level. - 550/each
Put in my private sales waiting smiley


Hi I'm looking to trade my 0exp rowdy. I'm open to all fair offers
but I'm mostly looking for a zatman 0exp or some 0exp deea
pm me or post your offers

once again thank you for reading and thank you mods for posting


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