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friday 15/10/2010

How much would u want added with a guru... and how much with a lyse?

or how much do you estimate 100 jackie 0xp

Make me an offer i dont have too many clintz..im not asking for too much of a discount..i have 50k atm...if that isnt enough please say a price and playy some dts and such to save
thank youu smiley

300k clinz the whole package.

Pm me for eventual negotiation smiley

I am looking to trade my Yayoi [max] Louise [max] and Peeler [max] for a Dregn [max].

Hope to here from you as soon as possible..
Thanks mods for publishing this thread smiley

I am looking for Guru Cr
I will trade it for cards, like Lao cr, sigmund cr etc.

Create a new subject if you want to sell Dragan Cr using [SALE] tag and mentioning the price you are selling at.

How much would you sell your Gil? in clintz.

Hi I'm looking for Jim CR(uppers) Ombre CR(nightmare) or Tessa CR(sentinel) I have 0 xp kolos(nightmare) Jay(skeelz) graksmxxx(sakrhom) oflgn(vortex) many many others... What'd'ya need?

thursday 14/10/2010

For wee lee or hykiosan full

Close please

Got her. Thanks to everyone who inquired.

I want to trade a 0xp Tessa Cr (280k atm) for multiples of Dagg (15k) and Cyb Lhia (5k)

Post here or PM me for a faster response.


I want some heegrn vs my jesie's

Okay sold for 5k
you may close this now please

Do htey have to be 0xp?

We can handel over price

Thanks smiley

C'mon nobody wants to earn 1,1 million clintz?

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