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sunday 06/06/2010

Hilarious ian, to be clear, it would be better to make a new thread

Can anyone give you a 2.3k card for 1.9k.... Good luck

Can someone sell me a donnie for around 900 clintz?

Lucky buyer also gets a discount Draheera at 8000 Clints.

Close no progress

These are the cr cards i am trading

alec cr cassio cr diyo cr dwain cr geuner cr page cr seldnor cr smokey cr thaumaturge cr
i want other cr cards or any other decent offers thanks

pm me with offers

Ok, 35 malmoths for 950 each, offer is still up, PM me.

I'll give yo a odile (C) if you want it.

saturday 05/06/2010

My Diyo cr full for your seldnor cr

I'm looking for cheap Uppers with 0XP.
I already have the following cards:
Bob Joby
Frankie hi
Mickey T
Mo Difalco
Wayne Stark
Other than these, please let me know.

Ok I Got My Owen For 1k, Now I Need Skiner Im Paying 900c /0exp

I say go for the french boards I'll translate the text if you want.

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I have one...but will olny trade up! lol. which basically means not selling, i would try and buy them one at time because when terry was sold in shop, most people only wanted one. (like me). to find someone with a bulk would be a diamond in the rough.

Or trade for 1k worth of cards

Any 1?

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