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saturday 05/06/2010

The player does not seem to have the card.


I could trade for an All star deck which contains: El Gringo, Asporov, Eyrik, Bhudd, Essie, Oyoh, Randy, and Loma Noju
thats worth about 11500

I will sell her for 13000
or u can trade any good cards

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

Buying naginata 1* for 2.5k

I am looking for tanerava wee lee kolos kenny and morphun which totals at about 120k
I am willing to trade vickie cr and up to 20 k in cards from the list below:
and fabio
I also have 10 k

Close, please. Thanks! smiley

friday 04/06/2010

Close please

If you think the offer is too low please make a new one

I would like to trade my Sylth for Jackie I will pay/give a card any differences in the price.

Got my Lao Cr .....One down, two to go smiley

Iam looking**

I will trade trade Hystrix, Elly Mae & Owen for a 0xp Stacey

I will only make this trade today due to the fact that her price is droping so fast

I want to trade my Rass (R) Cr with 0xp for either Lao Cr (Cr) (any xp) or Marlysa Cr (Cr) (any xp)

I currently have my Rass (R) Cr listed on the market for 750,000 but I am willing to consider other reasonable trade or sale offers.

You can PM me or just post any offers on this board

Thanks Guys & Gals

It's very rare to find a VERY generous player or simply generous because with one simple reason...... we just want to have a fair business with others, so posting those "generous" line wont help you IMO

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