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friday 16/07/2010

I have 1. Sell it to ya for 9.5

Forget the last remark. I would likely buy the rest of the clan's collectors, for 2 k above current market price

Oh I see now the All-Stars one, she is way overpriced at lvl one, but good luck finding a buyer. God bless.

All listed above cards are still available except the freaks not listed in post 13
also pm me if you are interested in other cards from other clans

Hi i'm selling my Timber level 3 for 270 clintz. Just send me a message and i'll sell it right over

If anyone has any extra Timber cards, I will buy as long as it is not maxxed out. I will buy it for 200-350 clintz

thursday 15/07/2010

Nope hes not buying it

Trading my 2 x Tessa Cr for good offers smiley

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I'm now buying Pegh for 1100 clintz.

More offers still looking smiley

Those with pending trades please PM me as the offers will stll be honored. mods please close this thread.

Sell today thanks to all smiley close mod smiley

Hey, I'm looking to buy the following Freaks, at the following prices:

Olga, 2.4 k
Olga Noel, 800,
Akendram, 2.3 k
Bogdan, 3.750
Crassus, 3 k
Diyo Cr, 35 k
Geuner, 30 k
Ironfield, 450
Soushee, 700

I would also like Splata Cr, but I wll never have that kind of money. No need to post anything, just sell them to me at those generous, above market prices, and I will buy them

I am looking for crs about 50k in value


Have for trade:
Prince Jr
Na Boh
Miss Chloe

If any of these cards interest you and you have a Rolph or Leviatonn contact me immediately
(note: i will trade "cards" if one does not satisfy you i will add in other cards (and also clintz if needed) to match your price but also note that i will not trade any card/cards with a current market price total that exceeds the current market price of Rolph or Leviatonn)

I'm selling 11 full xp Orlandos, lower than market price. All of them for 100 clintz, wich is below the market price.

Buy 98 akiko 0xp or full by 600 the one
thanks mod

If hes still there ill buy fuzz smiley

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